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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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September 20, 2017 01:26 PM PDT

Spain on Monday ordered North Korea's ambassador to leave the country
by September 30th in protest over Pyongyang's nuclear tests, which it has criticised as "a serious threat to peace".

Spanish police on Monday seized more than 100,000 posters promoting a
planned independence referendum in Catalonia, while prosecutors
summoned mayors who have agreed to help hold the disputed vote.

Spain's Guardia Civil on Wednesday searched several headquarters in
Barcelona of Catalonia's regional government, a Catalan government
spokesman said. The Guardia Civil on Wednesday arrested the Catalan
vice president's right-hand man, police and Catalonia's regional
government said.

Alex Green, a firefighter from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was found with a bleed to the brain and fractures to his eye sockets in the streets of Magaluff.The 26-year-old also had a broken cheek bone, nose and a collapsed lung when he was discovered on the street. He had travelled to the party resort with a group of 25 friends and family members but he was found just six hours later with severe injuries.

Chet Sandhu, from Hartlepool, was arrested at gunpoint in Alicante Airport by Spanish police in November 1999. Chet - real name Gurchettan Sandhu - masterminded a steroid-smuggling operation with a market value of more than half a million dollars. Now in a new book Chet chronicles his life and
time inside the notorious Spanish prison Fontcalent, famed for its tough
conditions and high-profile inmates.

Spain is the European country that has lost more money in the bailout of
large economies, 4.3% of GDP....more than Germany, the United Kingdom
or Italy, according to the European Commission. ........ 48,000 million not recoverable

In Syria a Reaper drone operated by pilots 2,000 miles away at RAF
Waddington in Lincolnshire, unleashes its deadly arsenal – obliterating a
sniper keeping watch on a roof nearby. As the terrified crowds scatter in
panic, the IS fighters are unable to stage their barbaric killing.

The UK is still trying to clarify what happened with the Parsons Green rail
bomb. The Syrian refugee arrested over the Parsons Green bombing
appeared to enjoy smoking weed and drinking vodka as part of his 'very
westernised' life. Yahya Faroukh, 21, was being quizzed in a south London
police station after he was arrested on Saturday night outside Aladdin's
Fried Chicken in Hounslow where he worked. On his Instagram he wrote
about 'smoking weed every day' and posted an image saying: 'For better
life you need to have weed, vodka and drugs.'

Craig Dawick, 25,of Rochdale has been jailed for life for murdering his
eight-month-old son Leyton for crying too much. He left him injuries that
looked like he was in a car crash.........Meanwhile, John Robinson, 23, has
been jailed after fracturing his seven-week-old daughter's skull and leaving her 'looking dead'. He has always denied responsibility but was jailed for
one year.

Omega Mwaikambo, 43, claims he did 'nothing wrong' after posting
pictures of a loosely covered corpse hours after the Grenfell blaze struck the block of flats in Kensington in June.The 43-year-old was jailed for three months for his offences and is now out

Claire Walton says the video of her daughter being attacked outside
Blessed Edward Jones high school in Rhyl, North Wales, shows just how
savage youth violence has become.

Dawn French has done us a favour: with refreshing force. In an amiable
interview at the weekend she was reflecting — as a comedy creator will do
— on the absurdities of modern life when she landed, with sudden anger,
on the ladette thing.She had been watching reality shows about 'young
lasses out on the lash in Ibiza', not only helplessly drunk but having reckless sex with all and sundry.'I am shocked at how they behave,' French said.

September 20, 2017 11:11 AM PDT

.The song this week is from my Doowop album which takes us back to the golden days of rock and roll...it is called "Taxi To The Past" and wonders where the time has gone...as indeed do we all...and in reality time took us all out of those days without us realising so the song says if we
could get a taxi back there for one day we could at least say goodbye.

The BBC have come under fire for their coverage of the hurricanes in America...it was questioned as to why they had to have a reporter standing in the middle of it all when all that is required are camera shots.....and following their coverage of the failed bomb attempt on the train in London we were subjected to the reasons why the bomb never went off....so off they go
explaining what SHOULD have happened....I'm sure this information will be helpful to the
terrorists....nice one BBC.

The latest car theft crimes are receiving a lot of publicity....the thieves now break into houses
and get the keys for the car outside and off they go....which will make people a bit more diligent I
suppose....and the police are too understaffed to deal with petty crime...or so it has been
announced on the news which lets the criminals know the situation...and there has been a bit of publicity regarding some empty headed moron riding his motorbike down the middle lane on the motorway doing a wheelie..then waving both hands in the air...I think he got an 18 month
ban...should have been jailed for 10 years....oh sorry I forgot about his human rights..........the
human rights brigade need a reality check....what "rights" should criminals have....i don't find it
difficult NOT burgling houses or not driving round like a lunatic....it's quite easy....but obviously
these boneheads need to be treated humanely....it's a joke.

We are now bombarded with "celebrity" panel shows....where no one has a clue who the so called celebs are...especially me......they seem to be talentless youngsters from either the soaps where they all seem to yell at each other or the reality shows where they are looking for a
relationship....what happened to entertainment? and indeed entertainers....apart from the odd
decent drama there is nothing worth watching on television these days....and.I have absolutely
nothing against peoples preferences....love is love...BUT I was watching Tom Daley being
interviewed with his "husband".....why can't he just be his civil partner?....the Oxford dictionary
describes "husband" as a man married to a woman....I'm not offended in any way but find it a bit

And finally Neil Sedaka has been featured on various chat shows....he is on tour in this
country...I have a lot of time for him or indeed anyone who is capable of being self
contained.....He co-wrote some great songs (he only wrote the music by the way)...but I
remember him nearly going broke in the late sixties when Beatlemania swept all the old brigade to one side....what I could never understand was where did the millions he MUST have earned from his hits go?....these guys must know how to spend?

September 13, 2017 01:58 PM PDT

The song this week is called Exotic Adrian and is one of the many I composed and produced for wrestler Adrian Street.........I intend to re-release a double album of all the songs in the near future....a lot of the songs are not for the faint hearted or the PC Brigade.

I have been watching the horrendous storms in America....I was once on holiday in Daytona Beach when Hurricane Andrew struck....fortunately we only got the tail end of it but it did a lot of damage in Miami....I remember they were appealing for money on TV to help the poor people who had been affected..Centre....maybe some of that would solve the problem....I nearly caused an international incident.

Strictly Come Dancing is back....which I must say I do enjoy...and the new lady head judge who is replacing Len Goodman is from LEASOWE...which as you know is just round the corner from where I live.....however it has been suggested that in the future the programme should include same sex dancing....what next?...the BBC have quite rightly decided against it which will probably invoke a gay pride march....I watch the programme to enjoy beautifully sculpted women gliding round the dance floor ...I don't want to watch them doing so with Anne Widdecombe....or even worse Anton Du Beck waltzing with Bill Turnbull....NO THANKS.

Piers Morgan strikes again...he was interviewing the woman who wanted the statues of Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill to be pulled down because of all the deaths they were responsible for....Piers referred to Nelson Mandella who had a similar history... which hit home.....he stated that Lord Nelson and Churchill saved our country from our enemies and suggested to the woman that perhaps it was because they were white....unlike Mandella....very interesting ...nice to see the race card played that way round for a change....he certainly shut her up

.It has been announced that robots will have taken over from teachers by the middle of this century....so there....I once wrote a musical called;School Without A Teacher; where a computer was brought in to replace the teacher....the computer had all the answers and could solve every problem and kept all the kids under control....until the school bully had the answer....he pulled the plug out of the wall...the play ran for about an hour or so and and was performed by several schools in the area...ahead of my time or what?...looks like I'll be digging out again..

August 30, 2017 01:12 PM PDT

In wake of the Catalonia attacks last week, installation of barriers has already begun at tourist sites throughout Spain.

TVE presenter slammed for asking Spanish born-and-bred Muslim if she 'feels integrated in Spain'. However, even before the terrorist attacks of
Barcelona and Cambrils the Spanish Interior Ministry had already
developed a plan to combat the problem, but so far its guidelines have barely been implemented by local officials.

The mayor of a small town in Catalonia accumulated more than €2 million during his tenure between 2003 and 2015 from bribes, according to an investigation by anti-corruption prosecutors.

Police are investigating the alleged rape of a British tourist by a taxi driver working in the upmarket Costa del Sol resort of Puerto Banus a day after launching a similar probe in Magaluf.

FC BARCELONA'S latest signing is the most expensive in the club's history and will make their new forward the second-most pricey player on earth.
Borussia Dortmund's Ousmane Dembélé has just signed a €147-million five-
season transfer deal......

The Notting Hill Carnival, Brexit talks and the Diana tapes seem to have largely dominated the UK news this week.Police were slashed with broken bottles, had acid thrown at them and in one of the worst confrontations, three PCs had bloody spit sprayed in their faces by a man claiming to be HIV positive.

Shane Ridge, 21, from Colne, Lancashire, was issued a letter from the Home Office telling him to leave the country, even though he was born in the UK and has worked and voted here since....... Samim Bigzad had been booked on a commercial flight back to his home country - but as he was escorted onto the Turkish Airlines
jet the pilot told guards: 'I'm not flying. Someone's life is at risk.

Seline Damar was out riding in Woodborough, Nottinghamshire, when she claims a driver in his 70s rammed into the back of her horse...

Cyclist Vicky Myers was killed after she was struck in Timperley, Trafford in Manchester on Sunday morning by a car which did not stop at the scene........ A Ford Transit driver has been arrested after the fatal crash with a male cyclist in Holloway, north London, just after 6am today. The man was treated by paramedics
but sadly died at the scene.

Ricardo McFarlane, 30, 'breached an ASBO' when he approached shoppers
outside Topshop in Oxford Street. At Southwark Crown Court today, he refused to stand for the judge...... A child, who is a white native English speaker, spent the past six months in two Muslim households after being placed into foster care in Tower
Hamlets, east London. Discount supermarket Aldi has defended closing a till to customers wanting to buy alcohol at its Northampton store ...

August 30, 2017 10:53 AM PDT

The song this week is called The Colour Of Time and is one I co-wrote with a good friend of mine called Patricia Knapton...it features a painter who sees rainbows where there is no rain and everyone in his painting is smiling with no hatred etc.....proving the world is a better place through a six year old's eyes instead of the goons who run things at the moment.

We have been bombarded with documentaries on Lady Di......they say it is "to educate the young people who
never knew her"........so much so I wrote to the "Have Your Say" section of a TV magazine...the mountain of flowers I realise that until people get a life and stop acting like sheep there is little hope for humanity.

We also have coverage of the gay pride marches etc....it's time some organisations got over themselves..
.....and a recent classic was some bloke stated he was transgender...he
was a bloke but he wanted to be a woman...with lesbian tendencies..

We've had two major crashes on the motorways....one in the Conway Tunnel in Wales causing miles of tailbacks and another on the M1 involving two wagons and two cars....with
fatalities and serious injuries....this will never change unless they alter the driving laws....
...driving bans serve no purpose..
then the human rights brigade would come out of the woodwork.

I'm not the biggest Beatles fan but they have had a Beatles celebration event in Liverpool...because this is where Paul first met John in
nineteen fifty whatever..neutral....Lady
Di....Beatles...human rights....political correctness.....I think I'll apply to be an astronaught and take up residence on Mars.

August 23, 2017 11:13 AM PDT

The song this week is called Song of #Anglesey which I composed for my pal Paul Damian and is a track off the album Portrait of #Wales......it is available from my website.

As I said I was in Anglesey over the weekend and visited a village on the north of the Island called #Moelfre...it is a small picturesque fishing village with a lifeboat station....close by is a huge bronze statue of a famous lifeboat man called Dick Evans....his bravery earned him the lifeboat equivalent of the #Victoria Cross....and he was once featured on This Is Your Life with #Eamonn Andrews.....back in the 90s I had a good friend who would show me around the Island and he took me to meet a pal of his...."The is Dick Evans" he said.....sadly he died shortly after but you can imagine my amazement years later when I first saw the statue.. was like reading a James Bond novel...I am so proud to call this hero my friend.

I watched the programme on the nations favourite 20 #Elvis songs....it was quite interesting how the public saw him.....a lot of the songs were from the Vegas years but personally I preferred his earlier stuff....I thought the best record he ever made was #Jailhouse Rock (which appeared about halfway on the list)....when you listen to this song and consider there are only four instruments it is a masterpiece....the drum riff was genius...and lyrically brilliant.....the man was a one-off.

Show business has just lost #Bruce Forsyth....he was 89....although I wasn't a huge fan I appreciated his great talent....he could sing and dance and play piano......and was an excellent stand up comic....he had it all.Going by the many tributes he seemed like he was a decent bloke as well.....I can't remember a time when he wasn't around...and I remember when he failed to make in America and the media slated him....and still he bounced back.....another one-off and I think his catch phrases will live on..as they say "Didn't he do well".

The solar eclipse has caused a sensation in #America with thousands going out to ooh an aah at the moon blocking out the sun...we only got a partial one in this country...I believe...I doubt if anyone saw it through the clouds...I remember the one we had here in 1999 and I went out on to the River Dee in my laser dinghy with my son in his... and sailed through the sudden darkness which was quite surreal ...seals started popping their heads up and seagulls dropped down to the water...it was quite an #adrenaline rush not knowing what would happen.....a great experience.

August 06, 2017 04:52 AM PDT

Broadcasting from Cool FM in downtown Benidorm. This was the day when Chubby Checker propelled The Twist into our young lives. The song originally came from Hank Ballard. Check out Chubby Checker's podcast with me.....http://www.vincetracy.com/checker.html

April 16, 2017 01:58 PM PDT

Could our weekly show be the fastest quiz game on the airwaves? The show is presented by Vince Tracy with his special guest Neil Colbourne. We think our listeners are the best you'll find anywhere in the world! You need to listen to this podcast to appreciate the fun we have...Past shows can be found at http://www.vincetracy.com/neilandvincecoolfm.html

February 19, 2017 12:47 PM PST

World famous #comedy #impressionist #paulmelba with #vincetracy at #coolfm #benidorm #costablanca #spain with impressions of #nelsonmandella #billyconnolly #princecharles #jamesmason #dukeofedinburgh and much more.....

February 05, 2017 05:48 AM PST

It's always great to chat with the stars. He made a great tribute song on #pyerecords to #muhammedali after watching him fight #georgeforeman for the world title. He also recorded the anthem for #brightonfc

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