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He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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April 18, 2018 12:33 PM PDT

Transport strike, protests at the university and now the traditionalGerman nein to the promises of Emmanuel Macron. The French president appeared
before the Eurocámara on Tuesday with a battery of ideas to reinforce the euro once and for all.......... Berlin rejects each and every one of its proposals..
a dozen other countries from the North agree with Angela Merkel.

ACCORDING to police figures 315,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona Sunday)to demand the release of the Catalan leaders currently in prison in Spain. They also want those who fled the country prior to the arrests to be allowed to return without threat of incarceration although the
Spanish government is currently supplying fresh evidence to the German judiciary in its bid to have putative Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont
returned under a European arrest warrant.

PRESSURE builds on Madrid's Community leader Cristina Cifuentes after her degree scandal toppled another senior university figure. Enrique Alvarez
Conde, the director of the law institute that awarded Cifuentes with her disputed qualification, has been suspended............ The scandal could be calamitous for the PP's leadership in Madrid, whose minority government
relies on support from the centre-right Ciudadanos (C’s) party, which is now demanding Cigfuentes' resignation as regional leader.

SPAIN’S food safety agency has issued an urgent alert following the outbreak of 39 cases of the norovirus in the country.

AN over the drink drive limit American tourist, who ploughed into and killed a British cyclist on the Spanish holiday island of Menorca has avoided jail.
Father-of-three Phillip Rasmussen, 47, was struck from behind while cycling on holiday on the island. ...... American tourist Bryan Leeds, aged 25, was arrested after failing a roadside alcohol test and testing positive for drugs. But he
was able to show he had a medical receipt for amphetamine tablets found on him as part of treatment for an unidentified health condition. He was released on bail of €10,000 the day after his arrest but was banned from
leaving Menorca until his court appearance last week. ......

In the UK Theresa May claimed ….......It is in our national interest to prevent the further use of chemical weapons in Syria – and to uphold and defend the
global consensus that these weapons should not be used. For we cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised – either within Syria, on the streets of the UK or elsewhere.’ Jeremy Corbyn again questioned the legality of the UK’s role in the 105-missile strike – and called
for legislation to stop military action without MPs’ support. Mrs May will point to strong international backing from world leaders including Germany’s
Angela Merkel, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and European Council
president Donald Tusk since the strike.

Britain's 'depressing' array of ageing ships and fighter jets unable to fire cruise missiles meant that France took the lead in striking Syria, it was revealed today. The UK fired eight Storm Shadow missiles out of 105 used
to punish Bashar al-Assad for his chemical attack in Douma last Saturday - fewer than the French and the Americans.

The Government has approved a new cash injection for the Madeleine
McCann search fund. But the total is being kept under wraps amid fears of a
public backlash. .......Government funding for the investigation has historically
been agreed every six months, with £154,000 being granted from October
last year.

Pope Francis used his traditional Sunday blessing in St Peter's Square to
say he's praying for British brain damaged toddler Alfie Evans. The pontiff
said the situation is 'very painful and complex' as he spoke on Alfie and
others who are terminally ill. He expressed hope that they're always
respected in their dignity and cared for in a way suitable to their conditions,
with the agreement of family members, doctors and health workers.'

Police have charged a teenager with a string of offences after a car was
driven into pedestrians in Blackpool town centre as they enjoyed a Saturday
night out. The 19 year-old driver from Todmorden in West Yorkshire, will
appear in court on Monday morning chargedwith driving dangerously, while
drunk and without a licence or insurance. He also faces three counts of
assault, attempted wounding and possession of a weapon while being

April 18, 2018 01:57 AM PDT
itunes pic

Cliff Richard is quite rightly suing the BBC for their biased coverage of his alleged sexual
assault....for which he was never charged.....poor old Cliff had to watch on TV his house being
searched by the police while he was away on holiday... with the BBC reporting from a circling
helicopter.....he was found to be completely innocent but has said it wrecked his life and
career....in this country the gutter media wade in without any proof thus anyone involved is
tainted straight away....I despise these little revolting creeps who have achieved nothing in their
sad lives and try and make a name for themselves off the back of those who have earned their

Ant McPartlin...of Ant and Dec fame....has been found guilty of drink driving and has been
fined 85 grand and band from driving for around 18 months after causing a three car
crash....it's easy to call him an idiot but he has had a few problems in his life but there is no
excuse for getting behind a wheel when you've had a few....he was lucky no-one was
injured....which all goes to prove it's not about money....his millions haven't solved his problems.

3.I watched a programme on guitarists and was informed that Ry Cooder played guitar on the
Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman....it wasn't Keith R.....I also remember Jimmy Page playing
the solos on The Kinks stuff which upset the young brother and caused problems....also the
original Brotherhood of Man who made United We stand...which was great....were also Edison
Lighthouse...The Pipkins....and White Plains....same line-up....The Brotherhood of Man as we
now know them were in a different league and not for me....not forgetting Hermans Hermits who
were Herman and session men.....it just goes to show the kidology that goes on in the music
biz....mind you time is money.

4.I was discussing age with a young fella in the gym....I have discovered that ageing isn't a
gradual process...it happens all of a sudden....suddenly you realise that you no longer want t
o go out partying...then you realise that a lot of your past friends aint around a
nymore...modern technology has left you behind...and TV entertainment only exists for the y
oung....as does modern music.....you suddenly realise that the over 70s are not really catered
for....the young chap had a polite smile on his face because like me when I was age he doesn't
think he'll get old.

5.The song I have sent you this week is another I wrote for wrestler Adrian Street and is entitled
"I'm In Love With Me" and although it was perfect for him I originally wrote it for Bobby Sox and The Prizeguys who performed it on a TV comedy show in the 70's....Adrian had a video made of
the song in the states and we got it on to MTV....how I'll never know.

April 11, 2018 10:56 AM PDT

There is a new programme on the telly called "The Last Laugh" and it is about a bunch of
old entertainers being flown out to Vegas to be given the chance to appear there....which they
have never done....nice thought until you see the selection of "stars"...firstly we have Bobby
Crush who is a bit of a diva which is quite surprising as no-one has heard of him since he won
Opportunity Knocks forty odd years ago...then we have Jess Conrad...

The modern weather forecast charts on the BBC have come under fire...as no-one can
understand them........I fail to see the point of all this technology if they can't get it right....we may as well do our own guesswork......then we have our local BBC forecast which is generally hopeless with the presenter coming on next day
and finding it amusing that they got it wrong.

I watched an item on the news where the Manchester City football team arrived in Liverpool
for the big match last week.....there were morons lining the street throwing bricks at the
bus....have I got it wrong....is this a football game or a personal war?.... side of it.

I decided to watch the last show of Ant and Dec's Saturday night Takeaway to see how Dec
got on without Ant.....it was from Florida where all the winners in previous shows were taken
there.....it was so bad I decided to change channels and lo and behold I actually found a
programme which I enjoyed....it was an hour show all about the City of Chester and its Roman
history......apparently Ollie Murs was in a supermarket and thought he heard gunshots so he alerted everyone and caused a bit of a panic....as we are advised to do in these situations.....so
in wades Morgan calling him names etc which has really brassed off Ollie....one day Piers will
get a fist in his big mouth.....which would make great viewing.

Wrestling is making a big comeback.....with American and British showmen going on
tour....with huge TV overage....so the song I have sent you this week is from the days of one of
the original "exotic" wrestlers....Adrian Street....this was a song he used to enter the ring
to....both here and in the States where he eventually moved to....I wrote and produced two
albums for him and went over to the States and appeared on TV as his "barrister" from
London...Sir Cedric Everhard Hathaway....so "Imagine What I Could Do To You" Vince.

April 09, 2018 11:24 AM PDT

World-famous comedy imressionist joined Vince to pay tribute to Sir Ken Dodd.Paul tells us of the early days when he met Doddy near the Jam Butty Mines in Knotty Ash, Liverpool

April 05, 2018 04:40 AM PDT

Paul's brother sang and performed in a famous 60s satirical group called Scaffold. They had several hits and were very popular. The other members of thje group were Roger McGough and John Gorman.

The three members were brought together through a shared love of music, poetry and comedy and proceeded to write and compose original material often parodying elements of real life whilst covering some of their favourite Liverpool songs.

April 04, 2018 10:52 AM PDT

Has modern pop music totally lost its way?....I know I come from a different age ....but most modern music has no point....there is no content to listen
to....my problem is when listening to records I know how it is all done and understand all the
technology....bit like watching a conjuror when you know how he does his tricks....but to me
there has to be a point to a song....instead of the repetitive lyrics we seem to get these
days....come back rock and roll...all is forgiven.

Are we not all sick of adverts telling us how much these banks and insurance companies care
about us?....telling us they will get us compensation for any accident we have ...or sort out PPI etc etc....with the no win no fee statement....what they don't tell you is how much THEY will
make.....banks are not your friend their aim is to squeeze as much money out of you as they

They keep going on about how it is so hard to get on to the property ladder....or how one
parent families are struggling to survive...or newlyweds having to struggle...which is very sad
but in my day you settled for cheap items not top of the range televisions or brand new cars
...or fancy expensive holidays.....if we couldn't afford it we did without....but not these
days....which seems to me to be the problem....and there is always someone there to cash in on
your "big day"....by draining your bank account....

Our national treasure,The Lake District,has been awarded the the same status as The Taj Mahal and other world wonders....quite rightly so...I spend a lot of time there particularly through
the Winter and it really is a spectacular place to visit....I have been to many picturesque places within Scandinavia and Europe and The U.S.A.....and have yet to find better views than in The Lakes....yet a large proportion of our population want to go abroad and sit beside a swimming pool and fry....when this is on our doorsteps....it's beyond me.....Prince Charles was brought in to present the ward.....however I think he was ill advised when he bought that overcoat....it was
huge and would weigh a ton if he got caught in the rain.

The song I have sent you this week has an interesting story....it is one I recorded round about 1980 for Blackpool council....it was originally called "Blackpool Magic"......they neither liked it nor wanted it....so I simply went back into my studio and changed the words to "Long Live The Isle
Of Man"....and I sent it to Norman Wisdom who lived there....to my delight he phoned me up and
and said he liked the song and would record it when he got the chance....and we had a chat
about his films and career....what a lovely man....a short time later I met him back stage when he
was on a theatre in Liverpool.....I don't know whether he ever got round to recording the song but it was worth it all just to meet him....that's showbiz.

March 28, 2018 11:00 AM PDT

...I spent the weekend in Caernarfon in Wales and paid a visit to the Llanberis Slate Museum
which is so interesting...I have been before but it never loses its fascination....it is situated on an
old disused quarry and shows the history of Welsh coal mining with the unbelievable conditions
they had to work under....it really is a credit to the area and it's FREE !!

I also went to Holyhead to have a stroll around the harbour which was a strange
experience....the recent weather has really taken its toll on the place....there were sunken boats
all over the place and luxury yachts which had been hauled up on to the quayside totally
wrecked....it was like a horror movie....never seen anything like it.

2.Maths has hit the news with some bright spark in the government has deciding that the results
are well below standard and is arranging courses to help students get to grips with the
subject.....I was pretty good at maths because we had a good teacher who made it interesting
and we learnt our tables parrot fashion in junior school so my age group can instantly multiply
two numbers without thinking....I think maths wrongly has the scary factor which defeats
students before they start.

3.Oh dear the Aussies have been cheating at cricket....SHAME.....they have been tampering
with the ball which has created world wide news......when I played cricket in our school team we
used to polish one side of the ball on our trousers and rub the other side in the dust which had
the effect of making the ball swing....I suppose it adds a bit of spice to a very boring sport....and
this has brought up the "it's not the winning...it's the taking part" old chestnut.....I have played a
lot of sport over the years ... mainly one on one...tennis...squash...golf... and to cheat is only
fooling yourself....but then again here was no big money involved with me....and kids should be
taught how to lose and get over it.

4.I saw your Facebook entry featuring Emile Ford....I saw him in 1961 on the Liverpool
Empire...also on the bill was Bob miller and The Miller Men...Clyde McFatter....Duane
Eddy...and Bobby Darin....Emile Ford totally stole the show....I loved his records with the minimal
sound of his group The Checkmates...great stuff...

I also watched a programme on Ritchie Blackmore who to my mind was and still is one of the
best guitarists ever....and what a stage presence.....and this was before Hendrix and all the
others...I do enjoy a bit of heavy rock and I thought Deep Purple were ahead of their time and
when Blackmore formed Rainbow it was the ultimate rock band....he now plays olde English
ballads with his folk group and is still brilliant...the programme was a fascinating insight into a
great guitarist.

5.The song this week is another jingle I did for Norman Thomas on Radio City.....he used to
have a daily competition where the listeners have to guess what he is holding in his hand....with
Norman giving them clues....it was very popular at the time....the song is called "What Have I
Got In Me Hand?"....sadly Norman is no longer with us....he was a great guy.

13th February 2017
27th February 2017
1st March 2017
8th March2017
15th March 2017
7th June 2017

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March 21, 2018 01:56 PM PDT

THIS weekend the city of Valencia welcomes spring in style during the
annual Las Fallas festival - a loud, boisterous fiesta where the city is literally
set alight

POLICE have rescued a 14-year-old girl who became trapped on the eighth
floor of a building in Spain after a stunt went wrong. Meanwhile MORE than
200 people have today resumed the search for the missing Guardia Civil
police officer who was swept away by flood waters while performing a

POLICE have arrested a 39-year-old man after he was filmed hitting
300km/h (186mph) in an illegal road race in Spain.........and a MOTHER and
her three-year-old daughter have been seriously injured after their vehicle left
the road and plunged three meters down an embankment.

A YOUTUBE dare-devil, Ally Law, has failed in his attempt to free-climb
Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia after being spotted by security guards.
MIGRANTS have clashed with police in Madrid following the death of a
Senegalese illegal street vendor leaving 20 people injured with six arrests.

David Davis and Michel Barnier today shook hands and declared they have made a 'decisive' step in sealing a Brexit transition deal. The EU chief
negotiator and Mr Davis announced the dramatic breakthrough at a press conference in Brussels.

In any sane world, individuals with a full set of wedding tackle should not be
allowed to describe themselves as ‘women’ and claim all the privileges and
protections which go with it. Yet the Government is considering letting
people self-certify their gender without any medical diagnosis — despite the
potential distress it could cause to more than half the population. Hospitals
have stopped calling mothers ‘mothers’ because it might upset the trans-
fascists. A couple of weeks ago, retailers were knocking out gender-free
Mother’s Day cards. You couldn’t make it up. This is the crazy world we live
in, one in which a private girls’ school is thinking of installing ‘gender-neutral’
toilets, even though it has no transgender pupils. How long before every girls’
school in the land has to be fitted with urinals?

Labour leadership was scrambling to limit the damage from Jeremy
Corbyn's refusal to condemn Russia. Senior frontbenchers took to the
airwaves to insist they 'agree with the Prime Minister' amid fears that Mr
Corbyn has appeared to be an apologist for Vladimir Putin. The veteran left-winger was heavily criticised by MPs from all parties last week after he pointedly failed to accept that Moscow was behind the attempted murder of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

Campaigners have blasted a gambling watchdog for not bringing down
maximum stakes far enough on highly addictive betting machines dubbed
the 'crack cocaine' of gambling.
Fixed odd betting terminals (FOBT) are said to be dangerously addictive
and currently allow punters to stake up to £100 every 20 seconds - and
theoretically gamble away £18,000 an hour. ..and today it
recommended wagers should be capped at £30 a spin. The decision dismayed campaigners who were adamant the maximum price per spin should be £2.

School PE lessons are racist, according to an astonishing taxpayer-funded study.
Teaching children to play football, rugby, cricket, netball and rounders favours ‘privileged’ white students, the politically correct 20-page report claims. The research, which was criticised last night as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘patronising’ by a top black footballer, says sports that have been taught in schools for generations hark back to Britain’s colonial past and make ‘whiteness’ the norm.

March 21, 2018 11:49 AM PDT

.I watched with interest a programme about the making of the Beach Boys album Pet
Sounds....I was a big Beach Boys fan back in the early sixties and bought this album when it
came out....it was heralded as a masterpiece...BUT....I didn't get it...I thought it was a bit of a
mess and felt the band had lost its way...shock horror....the programme described how Brian
Wilson loved Phil Spector's "wall of sound" and modelled the album on that....but in my opinion
he got nowhere near.....HOWEVER during the programme Mike Love (Beach Boys front man)
said he couldn't understand why they never stuck to the surfing songs which were going
well...so SOMEONE agrees with me.

2.The soaps have come under criticism for their violent storylines etc....I only see the adverts
for them which make me want to throw up....to me they are a dumping ground for over the hill
pop stars and out of work third rate actors....and the sad part is viewers think it's real life....oh
dear.....they had the producer of Coronation Street on answering the comments which was a
complete waste of time as she looked like she had just come home from school.....it strikes me
that these days everyone wants to use so called entertainment programmes to make political
points and social comment instead of doing what they are supposed to do.....entertain us.

3.Ant McPartlin (one half of Ant and Dec) seems to be going through a rough patch.....he has
recently been arrested for alleged drink driving...there was a three car pile up and fortunately
no-one was badly injured...a kiddie apparently received minor injuries.....but there is no excuse
for drinking and driving and luckily for Ant there were no serious injuries or he might have found
himself in jail....the price of fame I suppose....and this weeks "Saturday Night Takeaway" has
been cancelled (maybe we will get something worth watching) but we are supposed to feel sorry
for him....and someone on ITV said they feel sorry for Dec because after all HE has to make a
living....a LIVING!!....he's worth millions.....PLUS ITV have stated that they are their biggest
stars....which says it all....maybe I am missing something....they do their saturday night
show....which they do actually work hard on...then stand giggling in the wings on Britains Got
Talent...which anyone can do...and present the jungle thing...which anyone can do...and they
are the BIGGEST stars?...do me a favour....television in this country has gone past its sell by
date ... it can't get much worse.

4.Driverless cars?...this is like something you hear about on April Fool's Day....what is the world
coming to?...this has to be the most ridiculous invention in the history of time....they are saying
that these objects will cut down accidents on roads....but apparently if they swerve automatically
they won't allow for a passing cyclist....wonderful....the answer to road accidents is to increase
the penalties for idiots who have no consideration for anyone else....ban them for 10 years or
even life...problem solved.....I would no sooner get into one of these vehicles as I would into an
aeroplane without wings....but I suppose this is modern technology and someone somewhere
will make a fortune.

5.The song this week is one of the many jingles I did for local radio....it was for a daily
competition on Radio Merseyside on a programme hosted by Debbie Jones....she would play a
sound and the listeners had to guess what it was....hence the title of the jingle "Worrizit?".....I did
lots of these things for both radio Merseyside and Radio City.

March 07, 2018 12:30 PM PST

Alice Weidel is the friendly face of Alternative for Germany (AfD) , the extremist and anti-immigration party that has disrupted the German political board. While the diminished German traditional parties have still been
unable to form a government five months after the elections, AfD continues its escalation. Recent surveys have placed them for days as the second political force in Germany, ahead of the Social Democrats.

ANDALUCIA’S Environment Ministry is set to review the region’s water supply following rainfall in the region which left BILLIONS of litres of more water in its reservoirs.

In order to illegally obtain a Spanish passport, you need money, an Internet access and crossing your fingers to avoid being swindled. On the web dozens of sellers of these travel documents, identity cards and driving
licenses are announced. Most prices range between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, although they can reach 12,500 euros. An analysis of EL PAÍS includes the concrete prices for documents from several countries.

Islamic State leaders have urged their 'faithful' followers to 'martyr' themselves by attacking 'infidels' in Catalonia. The message - broadcast through Telegramand and written in Spanish -was intercepted by the General
Commissariat of Information of the National Police Body .Specifically
mentioning Barcelona, the message instructs terrorists to attack sports facilities and events as well as markets.

A BAR in Spain has caused controversy with its no ‘unruly children’ rule. The
sign read “if the child cries, screams or makes noises that annoy other customers, the parents will have to take them outside until they stop doing so,” re-igniting the debate as to whether bars and restaurants should be allowed to ban children.

Britain has finally swung back into the black on day-to-day spending thanks to a jump in the tax take and years of austerity. The current budget – which
includes expenditure such as running hospitals, but not one-off capital costs such as major building projects – ended last year with a £3.8billion surplus,
its first since 2001.It is a major milestone on the road to rebalancing the nation’s books after costs surged and receipts dwindled in the Great Recession following years of tax-and-spend policies under Labour.

the most significant speech of the week – and possibly one of the most
significant speeches of this Parliament – was delivered on Monday by
Jeremy Corbyn. Since the referendum we have heard a lot about soft
Brexit. We have heard a lot about hard Brexit. But thanks to the Labour
leader’s uncharacteristic candour, this morning we are facing an even more
terrifying spectre. The prospect of a Red Brexit. For some in the Remain
camp, his commitment to signing up to a customs union with the EU
represented a moment of hope. They pointed to it excitedly, and claimed a
new window of opportunity had emerged to stop Brexit in its tracks. ‘I think it’
s now 50 per cent,’ Tony Blair said when asked the chances of Brexit being
blocked by a second referendum.

Olympic gold medallist Wiggins was branded a 'flaming cheat' by Piers
Morgan on Good Morning Britain, after MPs concluded the British cyclist
used drugs to enhance his performance. While John Mann, Labour MP for
Bassetlaw, said the Tour de France winner needed to 'justify why he should
keep his knighthood and his sponsorship deals by now proving his
innocence.' The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee
report found Wiggins had used triamcinolone before the 2012 Tour to treat
his asthma.

Sergei Skripal, 66, was rushed to casualty after collapsing in a shopping
centre in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on Sunday. He was found with a 33-year-old
woman, who is also fighting for her life.

High streets across Britain are becoming ghost towns as shops shut down
for good amid competition from online retailers. Retailers are warning the
rapid rise of online shopping - along with soaring business rates and rent
hikes - is wiping out hundreds of town centres. Pubs, police stations and
bank branches have also fallen victim to the changing times. Burslem, in
Stoke-on-Trent, has the worst-hit high street in the country with nearly a third
of all shops empty.

No nonsense' schools that impose strict discipline and favour ‘chalk and
talk’ teaching are the most successful in raising standards among children,
new research suggests. A report by the New Schools Network, a
Government-funded charity that supports free schools, said a growing
number of heads in this country were importing the ‘no excuses’ philosophy
pioneered in the US.

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