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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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December 11, 2017 01:36 PM PST

Essential listening for anyone interested in Liverpool, the Beatles, Merseyside and the way Liverpudlians speak.Vince is joined by the world-famous impressionist Paul Melba.

December 07, 2017 01:00 PM PST

I love chatting with the legends and I want to share my chat with this soul legend. His hits include 'New Orleans' and 'Quarter to Three'. He proved to be a really nice gentleman. Thank you Gary.

December 06, 2017 02:09 PM PST

Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena made unexpected change of course
on Tuesday against the independence leaders and, also, at the beginning
of the 21-D electoral campaign. The magistrate has withdrawn the
European and international arrest warrants issued against former Catalan
President Carles Puigdemont and ex-advisors Antonio Comín, Lluís Puig,
Meritxell Serret and Clara Ponsatí and has ordered that his decision be
communicated to the Belgian authorities so that they can make the
collaboration requested by Spain. Llarena, however, maintains the Spanish arrest warrant against Puigdemont and the escaped ex-counsellors, so,
according to high court sources, the five will be arrested when they return to Spain.

A November 9 meeting between Oriol Soler, a Catalan entrepreneur and
publisher who has been one of the leading ideologues of the secessionist
movement, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is continuing to make
waves in Spain.

Language barriers may no longer be a problem thanks to Travis the
Translator, a new device capable of translating 80 languages in real time.
And with more than 42,500 people around the world forced to flee their
homes each day, the device is set to provide much-needed assistance to
NGOs that help those affected by the refugee crisis.

Over 572 million people speak Spanish worldwide, of which 477 million
people are native speakers, according to a new report from the Spanish
government’s Cervantes Institute.
Spanish native speakers jumped by 5 million between 2016 and 2017.

The Manchester bombing might have been stopped and MI5 was
investigating the ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack at the time of his rampage, a security review has found.

Commuters were left furious today after it was revealed rail fares will rise by more than most people's salaries from next month despite missed punctuality targets.

DUP leader Arlene Foster refused to back down in a row over Brexit tonight
insisting she was just as 'unequivocal' as Dublin about the terms of the Irish
border. In a clear signal there will not be a quick fix as Theresa May
scrambles to reassemble a draft deal that was ready for agreement
yesterday lunchtime, Mrs Foster said there was 'no way' she could endorse
the current version.

December 06, 2017 01:56 PM PST

This weeks song is entitled "Mersey Moments" and is taken from a DVD I made a while back about my wonderful river.....it describes how no matter where you are in the world if you stand on any harbour wall you think of The Mersey...even if just for a moment....the song is set to
shots of the river... some from its banks and some from actually on it.

I noticed your Facebook entry about the shop who refused to serve a man in army uniform in
case it offended Muslims which was later found to be fake news....this is a perfect example of an
attempt to incite hatred and those responsible should be severely dealt with in the
courts....which will never happen of course.....the problem with most of our population is they
believe what they read which is where the real problem is....at no time in my working life did I
ever automatically take newspaper headlines as genuine...or indeed adverts - but as a Trading
Standards officer I was in a position whereby i could prosecute for false advertising....but the
papers seem to get away scot free with the trash they print....and sadly the sheep go along with
it.....we are not born hating other human beings we are taught by parents and the media.

It's started....the same old worn out Christmas songs being played over the supermarket
speakers...I am SICK of "...all I want for Christmas is you"....or "the bells are ringing' out for
Christmas day" by the Irish bloke with no front teeth from The Pogues..etc..etc....IT IS
RUBBISH!!...SOMEONE GIVE US SOMETHING NEW PLEASE!!.....the music business has had
it...mainly because of greed....all we get now is meaningless songs with endless repetitive lyrics
which are instantly forgettable...not to mention the dreadful "swing" albums by the likes of
Alexander Armstrong...Bradley Walsh...Nick Knowles and the most recent...Anton Du Beke....for
heavens sake.....as I have said recently the only ones making any money out of this tripe is the
recording companies because there is always SOMEONE who is daft enough to buy this old hat
garbage...fortunately the artists won't make much as the music is past it's sell by date royalty
wise.....but sadly they are killing pop music.

Still on the music scene we have TV personalities "putting together" albums of their favourite
songs...with tracks by the original artists...I just do not get it....not only that... they have their
face on the album sleeve....what is the point....they can't sing so clear off....and what I find
amusing is the re-intrduction of vinyl....telling us the quality is so much better....which is
nonsense as it depends what you play it through....I think the real reason is you can't "illegally"
download music on to vinyl as you can with everything else so you have to BUY
albums....maybe I'm wrong.....but I don't think so.

And finally did you know that a member of The Royal Family has just got engaged?...headline
news with all the media creeps speculating over what "might" happen....forget earthquakes and
volcanoes erupting and wrecking lives...Harry is engaged to Meghan....as one chap so
eloquently put it "I'll switch the BBC News back on after the wedding".....and how much is this
event going to cost us?....and let's hope the marriage doesn't go the same way as the collection
of other members of the Royal Family whose marriages have gone up in smoke.....we are still
waiting for a refund....I think it'll be a long wait.

November 29, 2017 12:32 PM PST

Spain has been given its worst rating in Transparency International’s latest
Corruption Perceptions Index, coming in at 41st place out of 176 countries
with a score of 58. In 2015 it came in 36th out of 168 countries, with the
same score.

Thousands took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest violence
against women, just as Spain reels from a trial over an alleged gang rape.

Many Catalans are growing weary of a pro-independence process that has
been dragging on for five years now. A new survey shows that 80% of them
want to see a governing team emerge from the December 21 elections that
will help heal the wounds created by the politics of division.

Forty people were injured after a section of floor at a packed nightclub on Spain's holiday island of Tenerife collapsed on Sunday, sending revellers
plunging into the basement, officials said.

Pollution is choking Spain’s main cities......

Specialized crews are fighingt the threat posed by Asian wasp nests full-
time. The death of a man unleashed an avalanche of distress calls in Galicia

In the UK Divorcee Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry in church
after the Archbishop of Canterbury gave them his blessing.The Most Reverend Justin Welby said yesterday that he was ‘so happy’ they had ‘chosen to make their vows before God’.He had already made clear he had no objections to Miss Markle, who
divorced film producer Trevor Engelson in 2013, marrying Harry in a church,
and indicated he would be willing to conduct the service if asked.

Theresa May's husband's investment bank employer has paid no UK
corporation tax in the past eight years, it was revealed today.
........ Despite the huge losses its directors were paid £43million in salaries, pensions and other benefits - but it is not known what Mr May earns.

A teenager has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving
after three children and two men died when a stolen car ploughed into a
tree. The 15-year-old wept as he was remanded in custody at Leeds Youth
Court on charges of causing the death of five people on Saturday night.

The first year of tough new A-level exams has confirmed there is still a big north-south divide in achievement when it comes to England's secondary
school education.

Ex-Coronation Street star Bruno Langley wept as he avoided jail for
grabbing women by the breasts, crotch and bottom during a drunken night
out. The actor molested four women at a Manchester music venue last
month, but was only charged with sexually assaulting two of them. He wept in the dock today as he avoided jail after admitting both offences.

Academics from an anti-Brexit university have portrayed people who voted to leave the EU as 'narcissists' who dislike foreigners.The Goldsmiths College researchers suggested the 17 million people who voted Leave were motivated by xenophobia and were similar to Donald Trump supporters.
The findings were based on just 161 leave voters and 345 remain voters
paid to participate in an online survey.

UK population could hit 70million three years earlier than expected if
migration does not fall, according to 'alternative' official estimates. The number of people living in Britain is due to top 70million by mid 2029 under the main forecast.

November 22, 2017 02:49 PM PST

The EU ministers will decide on Monday the fate of the coveted European
Medicines Agency (EMA) . Barcelona is technically one of the favorites , but
the big decisions in Brussels are eminently political, and the sources
consulted agree that the Catalan capital has definitively left the group of
favorites among the 19 candidates after a few months of political
uncertainty related to the independence challenge.

Spain’s National Intelligence Center (CNI) admitted on Thursday that it had
“had contact” with the mastermind of the terror attacks in Catalonia this
summer, Abdelbaki Es Satty, during the time that he was in prison in
Castellón, between 2010 and 2014. The Spanish secret service did not,
however, clarify how often these contacts took place, nor the duration, nor
whether they were paid. They did state that they took place within the
“protocol established for convicts” in prison and who have maintained
relationships with jihadists.

Seven hikers surround a boar. One of them pokes the animal with a stick.
An eighth person on the scene records what’s happening with their
cellphone. Finally, the group shoves the boar toward the vertical drop
behind it, sending it tumbling down the hillside. The undated images have
drawn harsh criticism since they appeared on the social networks, posted
by a user named Marcos López Rúa, who claims that the incident took
place on the Cares Route, in the Picos de Europa National Park. “That’s it,”
the person who is recording the video is heard to say, having beforehand
encouraged the group to push the animal over the side.

The drought suffered by Spain after three consecutive years with less than
normal rainfall hits especially the northwest of the Peninsula . The reservoirs
of the Duero and Miño basins have never, since the reliable records of the
Ministry of Agriculture started in 1990, had reached such a low level.
Specifically, the Duero is at 29.8% and the Miño at 38.6%. The peninsular
reserve as a whole is 37.2%, according to the data released Tuesday by
the ministry. You have to go back until 1995 to find a lower reservation on
these same dates.

Over 250 migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe were rescued
on Friday off Spain, with several other vessels still in need of rescue,
authorities said. Spain is the third busiest gateway for migrants arriving in
Europe, but far behind Italy and Greece. However, the number of people
arriving by sea in Spain has nearly tripled over last year to 17,687.

Many Africans undertaking the long route to Europe are choosing to avoid
crossing danger-ridden Libya to get to Italy along the so-called central
Mediterranean route, and choosing instead to get there via Morocco and

The EU is ‘insulting’ Britain by demanding a huge upfront payment before
talking about trade, a senior German politician said tonight.
Hans-Olaf Henkel said EU negotiator Michel Barnier was trying to get
Britain to ‘name a price without knowing what you are going to get for it’.
Mr Henkel, an MEP and former head of the Federation of German
Industries – the equivalent of the CBI – said its view was that Britain should
have the ‘best deal possible’

Police forces across the UK were last night accused of applying a ‘random’
approach to cracking down on speeding drivers. The number of
unlicensed cars has trebled since paper tax discs were abolished three
years ago, it emerged yesterday. The Government claimed it would save
£10million a year by reducing tax evasion and cutting costs when it
replaced paper discs with an online system in October 2014.
But the policy, introduced by then-chancellor George Osborne, was
described as a ‘failure’ last night as it revealed a dramatic surge in
motorists either dodging tax deliberately or forgetting to pay it.

Boys and girls are driven by biology to play with toys that are traditionally
aimed at their own gender, according to a new study.
The research found that an innate drive pushes boys to prefer trucks and
cars and aggressive toys such as guns or toy soldiers.
A similar inbuilt instinct may be the reason why girls have always liked to
play with dolls, cosmetics or toys based on domestic life, it said.

One child aged ten to 14 and four aged 15 to 19 had an NHS hip
replacement last year with obesity as the main or secondary cause, official
figures have revealed.

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, of Bath University, was awarded a pay
rise of 3.9 per cent in 2016-17 despite widespread concern over her huge

Elizabeth II has appointed Philip a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal
Victorian Order (GCVO) for services to the sovereign.

Passengers will soon be boarding British Airways planes according to how
much they paid for their flights as the firm follows examples set by Iberia
and American Airlines.

Ricky Preddie, 30, who was convicted of killing ten-year-old schoolboy
Damilola Taylor as he walked home in Peckham, South London, in
November 2000, is back in jail for a fourth time.

Michael Camp, from Milton Keynes, was spotted in his car weaving down a
road in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in November 2015. He was charged with
failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis and has avoided jail

November 22, 2017 10:58 AM PST

The song this week is called Wirral Wonderland and is taken from on of my DVDs of our
wonderful peninsula.....it's one of many songs I have written about the area....and it is from the
heart and dedicated to those who feel the same way....as I used to say "There is Wirral...and
there is everywhere else".

We discussed last week the commercialisation of Christmas with the Tesco advert showing
Muslims celebrating the occasion which I said was nice to see (apparently the ad caused a bit
of controversy)...I added that the whole thing has turned into an annual party and that I didn't
know many people who go to church....which I didn't mean in a disrespectful way as I respect all
beliefs and nationalities...but this is how it is....in fact Christmas starts in September with adverts
and albums all jumping on the band wagon...but where I do have an objection is when the likes
of Greggs bring out an advent calendar featuring a sausage roll in place of various
personalities on photographs....one being the three kings around the crib with a sausage roll in
it....it's not funny and serves no purpose and will upset a lot of people.

I thought for one minute we were going to be spared a Cliff Richard Christmas album....no
chance...he's in the frame with everyone else...actors...TV presenters....etc...etc....however one
guy who can actually sing has fallen at a fence...Aled Jones has been accused of improper
sexual conduct 10 years ago....so one of the nicest blokes on TV obviously had a giggle with
some young lady back in the day and she has decided to tell the world how upset she was 10
years later....for how much money I wonder?....this along with Sylvester Stallone allegedly
misbehaving in THE SIXTIES does make the whole thing a joke....what is annoying about all this
is the fact that the media knew about all this so called sexual harassment at the time but it
obviously wouldn't sell papers back then...I really do despise the gutter press....and feel sorry
for anyone who believes the tripe they come out with.

.It's back !!....our lives are now complete....I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here....PLUS Ant and
Dec....I'm glad Ant has recovered from his recent illness....but I still fail to see what talent the
pair of them have....I put them in the same category as Jedward...'nuff said...against my better
judgement I watched the first couple of episodes....oh dear....a bunch of so called celebs sitting
in a forrest making inane conversation in between silly games and a multitude of adverts
proving this rubbish is well past its sell by date and at my age I haven't got that sort of time to
waste............and Michael MacIntyre has a new show which at least is original....I'm not a big fan
but he works hard....makes a change from the usual played out chat shows with half a dozen
celebs on a couch all talking at once trying to promote their book or album with Graham Norton
guffawing over it all.....

There are 7.5 billion human beings on this planet.....we have just been informed that for this
country to get out of the EU it will cost us 40 BILLION POUNDS.....however we are not told
why...like everyone else I thought we would just leave.....now 40 billion would give every single
person on this earth just over five pounds each...but where is the money coming from?...we
haven't got any have we?....and where is it going to go?...we can shout and moan but who
listens?....it's like a comedy show except it's not funny....and that silly sod Boris Johnson who
opened his big mouth and got that women's sentence added to in Syria has finally
apologised...after two weeks....how long does it take to say you're sorry....20 seconds?....so

November 15, 2017 12:27 PM PST

The song this week is a tribute to one of my favourite pop stars from my schooldays back in the day....Ricky Nelson...it is a track off my doowop album and the lyrics utilise some of the titles of his many hits.....Ricky made great records and we always waited for the great guitar solos
played by James Burton who I have had the pleasure of playing Ricky hits with on 8 occasions.

.I have just spent a few days in Lancaster and decided to spend a day in Morecambe ...I haven't
been there for few years and the last time I went we chatted about how run down it was...and
there was a lot of work going on on the waterfront...well I can report that the "new" Morecambe
is wonderful...it is a pleasure to stroll along the new promenade which goes for miles with a
great view of the Lake District across the bay...I must admit it took me by surprise and the work
carried out will definitely pay off.

On the showbiz scene we have new "albums" out featuring Bradley Walsh singing well worn
"swing" classics...along with Alexander Armstrong who is also on the bandwagon...plus Nick
Knowles who has made his "first" album because someone wrongly told him he could sing....I
have often wondered why these wannabes think they can sing classic songs as good as the
original...if I want to listen to swing I'll listen to Sinatra...Sammy Davis...Nat King Cole...etc...not
some bloke who should stick to presenting...now Shane Richie has joined the albumers....BUT
at least he does play in a band and has put his own slant on country music so a bit of an effort
has gone into it...I would prefer NEW songs instead of old hat....BUT one must realise that when
a record company latches on to someone who is never off the TV and ply him with old songs
they get the publicity for the album with no payout for royalties so the only one making money is
the record company....that's showbiz.....I would suggest these celebs jumping on the
bandwagon listen to Sam Smith...THAT is a voice.

.The earthquake in Iran in which 400 lives have been lost just about got a mention on the
news...obviously there is far more important news like the woman who has come out of the
woodwork complaining about Kevin Spacey sexually assaulting her 18 year old son 10 years
ago and left him traumatised ...this made me think of my own son...he is now 39 but when he
was 18 he played rugby for Cheshire and got a North of England trial....if the likes of Mr.Spacey
had tried it on with him back then I'm afraid Kev would still be in traction...if you are 18 and you
can't put a whimp like Spacey in his place there is not a lot down for you.......................and more
headline news is Priti Patel the MP who has upset the PM and been recalled from her visit for
Africa....this involved full news coverage of her getting off the plane and her car being followed
along the motorway by a helicopter O.J.Simpson style...WHY??...nice to know where my licence
fee goes.

....and finally....Tesco have caused a major upset....they have put a TV advert out featuring
white folk AND Muslims celebrating Christmas....this has caused an outcry from the boneheads
who OBJECT to MUSLIMS joining in with OUR celebrations....how dare they!!!....I'm afraid
Christmas ceased to be a religious occasion back in the dark ages....it's now an excuse for
companies to make money and for everyone to have a boozy family gathering....and in my
opinion is there for everyone whatever their beliefs.....personally I don't know many people who
actually go to church on the day.....we really should lighten up....personally I can't stand the
whole thing and glad when it's over.....Bah Humbug

August 06, 2017 04:52 AM PDT

Broadcasting from Cool FM in downtown Benidorm. This was the day when Chubby Checker propelled The Twist into our young lives. The song originally came from Hank Ballard. Check out Chubby Checker's podcast with me.....http://www.vincetracy.com/checker.html

April 16, 2017 01:58 PM PDT

Could our weekly show be the fastest quiz game on the airwaves? The show is presented by Vince Tracy with his special guest Neil Colbourne. We think our listeners are the best you'll find anywhere in the world! You need to listen to this podcast to appreciate the fun we have...Past shows can be found at http://www.vincetracy.com/neilandvincecoolfm.html

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