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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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October 18, 2017 01:44 PM PDT

A state of emergency was declared in Portugal as 4,000 firefighters
worked to contain the 65 fires still blazing on Monday. AT LEAST 35 people
have died in the wildfires that have swept northern Spain and Portugal after
more than 500 fires were declared over the weekend.

However, a dramatic change in weather will aid the efforts of firefighters
working to extinguish the wildfires that swept northern Spain and Portugal.

A SPANISH court has sent two senior pro-independence activists to
prison, without bail, who are being detained on sedition charges.

FOR the second time in a week, a Spanish pilot has died following a crash,
this time of an F-18 aircraft.

NATIONAL POLICE officers in La Linea de la Concepcion have arrested a
married couple who were selling drugs from their residence in a street
known locally as ‘Death Alley.’

The weather in the UK has been dominated by the remnants of hurricane

The President of the European parliament, Antonio Tajani, accused
Theresa May of being 'unrealistic' and said the divorce bill should be
around 60billion euros.

Hillary Clinton told the BBC's Andrew Marr the link between Brexit and the
election of Donald Trump was a breakthrough of 'false stories' in the media.

The inmates of some of the United Kingdom’s toughest prisons are being
trusted to harvest sensitive information – sometimes involving financial
affairs from inside their jails.

The inmates of some of the United Kingdom’s toughest prisons are being
trusted to harvest sensitive information – sometimes involving financial affairs from inside their jails.

Karen Eastwood,a grandmother from Denton, Greater Manchester, was
arrested for driving erratically while awaiting trial for another drink-driving offence after being found three times the limit She has avoided jail!

October 18, 2017 12:12 PM PDT

Googi The Liverpool Duck was a song I wrote for a local girl called Penny Page who had a ventriloquist act and it has a strange history....I wrote it in the 70's purely for her act and a few years later she recorded it as a single 45 on her husband's (David Alexander) record label....at
the time it sold in droves and she performed it on the Palladium and other TV appearances....it
went on to be used in a TV drama which became a film....this week it has made the local charts
"Bottom of the Pops" on radio Merseyside where people vote for the worst novelty records
ever....in at number 6...rock on 40 years later.

Wirral has also been in the charts...there has been a national survey as to the happiest place to
live in Britain and Wirral came third !!!...which is close...it is actually the BEST place to live but
it's best if we keep it to ourselves....we don't want to be invaded by strangers.

There is a move afoot to increase the penalties for death by dangerous driving....it is suggested
a life sentence be invoked...which I am all for as when you are driving like an idiot you KNOW
what you are doing and you are in charge of a lethal weapon...HOWEVER as I see it the
problem could be easily solved by putting speed cameras everywhere....a fortune would be
made in fines until the boneheads finally got the message....and the cameras would pay for
themselves....but apparently you can't set up a speed camera until there has been THREE
fatalities in that area....SO CHANGE THE LAW.....also I believe the cameras are self contained
and send out the fine notices without requiring staff....it's a no brainer....but obviously not to the
powers that be.

Harvey Weinstein has been headline news with all the ladies deciding to report their unwanted
alleged sexual encounters with him...he aint the best looking bloke in the world is he?....the main
point is if the ladies didn't go along with his advances they wouldn't get acting jobs....I don't quite
understand why a "job" is more important than having a bloke like him all over you?....surely you
have a choice?...or have I got it all wrong?....some of the "victims" have said it was several
times....wouldn't you walk away after once?...obviously at the time fame was more important
than your honour....it won't be long before blokes will be accused of sexual harassment for
watching women's football.

We are getting the remains of Hurricane Ophelia which give the media the opportunity to
dramatise and over-sensationalise the situation....and scare the daylights out of us....I've seen
worse....when the worst storms in the history of Wirral struck in the 80's it was also a time on
high tides and there was a ballroom attached to New Brighton Baths...which is right on the
coast....which was totally washed out as the promenade was destroyed and the tide crashed
through the walls.....and guess who was playing there that night...yep you got it in one....wasn't
one of our better gigs

October 11, 2017 12:44 PM PDT

So, Cataluñan Independence was declared then suspended. What does
this mean? Who will benefit? Is Russia really in the mix? German
Chancellor Angela Merkel has stressed her backing for the "unity of Spain"
in a phone call with Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy amid a threat by
Catalan separatists to declare independence, her spokesman said on
Monday. Leaders of far-right parties in other countries are being blamed.

A group of Catalan professors at prestigious universities in the United
States has become a crucial pillar of the independence drive. Their
defense of a referendum and independence has helped to project an image of academic support. Some of these academics now strongly and forcefully defend a unilateral declaration of independence following the October 1 referendum, which was outlawed by the Constitutional Court.

Barcelona, which the Financial Times once defined as the best city to live
in, made the front page of Europe’s financial publications last week. This is because several major listed companies – including CaixaBank, Banco
Sabadell, Gas Natural and Agbar – decided to join a growing list of small and medium enterprises moving their corporate headquarters out of
Catalonia over fears of political turmoil should a declaration of
independence be announced.

Meanwhile, Ryanair and all the travellers involved Easyjet have been greatly disrupted by the French air traffic controllers. This does not seem to have made the headlines in the UK where the major interest seems focussed around the antics of wayward film directors and film stars.

....despite the fact that an estimated 1 million illegals roam around the UK.
David Wood, an ex-director general of immigration enforcement, told MPs
there are 'enormous difficulties' in removing overseas nationals who are in
the UK unlawfully.

The headlines tell us that jailbirds are returning to prison to help smuggle
drugs into the jails.....A third of youngsters under 5 own a tablet and
Researchers from the University of Nottingham found greater immaturity
among young girls makes them 31 per cent more likely to be told they have
ADHD, while boys are 26 per cent more likelyto be told they have attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the research adds.

Barack Obama and his aides regarded the idea of a special relationship
between Britain and the US as a joke, it was claimed.

As more than 700,000 people in Lancashire had to boil their water in
summer 2015 when microbial parasite cryptosporidium was found in the
Franklaw water treatment works in Preston. The resultant fine was a mere
300, 000.

October 11, 2017 10:33 AM PDT

The song this week is entitled "Seasons" and came about after a conversation I had with a
chap a while ago....he had emigrated to Australia and decided he had made a mistake....he was originally from Wirral and I mentioned hot weather and "barbies" to which he replied he was fed up with the heat etc...I casually mentioned the fact that I enjoy the seasons and he said that was
it...that is what he misses most....this was the inspiration behind the song which ended up on
one of my DVDs of the area.

Theresa May had a cough during her speech at the Tory Conference...which has become BIG NEWS....it was a COUGH that's all...we all get them...the BBC news coverage was pathetic...as always...I thought she did really well...but the stupid BBC have to make a major issue of it with unfunny comedy clips.GROW UP!!!!....and I'm getting a bit sick of politicians thinking they are showbiz personalities with their modern hairstyles etc....they should concentrate on doing their job !!!

And still with the BBC....a car crashed in London and injured 12 people....it wasn't a terror attack...but just in case the BBC send a helicopter up with full news crew taking aerial ictures of the situation ending up with a disappointed statement that it wasn't a terror
attack....cost of the whole thing ONE MILLION !!!....what a total waste of money...MY MONEY !!...what a pity they couldn't sensationalise the situation like they do with everything else.

.I watched a programme about chat shows going wrong which featured amongst others Jerry
Lewis being interviewed and he was so rude to the interviewer....he simply answered Yes or No
to the questions with a bored look on his face....I could never stand him anyway....and Denzel
Washington was the same....these "stars" need a reality check and should remember who put
them there in the first place....the programme also featured Wogan trying to interview that
drunken idiot George Best....dreadful...I remember Jimmy Nail turning up at Radio City in
Liverpool and a young lad who worked there asked him for his autograph to which he got "I
haven't got time for that sort of thing" and brushed past him...haven't heard much of Mr.Nail
lately....I wonder why.

And finally...I am delighted to announce that my composition Googi The Liverpool Duck has
entered the charts at NUMBER 6 !!....however NOT the charts we know....it's the Bottom Of The
Pops chart which is featured on Radio Merseyside on Sunday...the programme is presented by
a chap called Graham Mack and is really good....he has asked the local population to vote for
the worst novelty records ever made...they are all in there...Benny Hill...Bernard Bresslaw...the
number one was The Barron Knights....but hey there is still time...I was very disappointed when
Googi never made the classical music charts but this has made up for it.

October 04, 2017 12:39 PM PDT

We first must share our prayers and good wishes to all those caught up in
the tragic events in Las Vegas.

Two days after Catalonia held a banned independence referendum, the
region was operating at half speed on Tuesday due to a general strike
called by small unions. The two large Spanish general workers’ unions,
UGT and CC OO, have encouraged people to demonstrate in a “paro de
país” (country stoppage) to protest the police violence on Sunday, but
underscored that they are not participating in the call for a general strike.

Europe has had a rocky ride with referendums in recent years: think of
Greece’s anti-austerity vote in 2015, or the Brexit shock and Italy’s failed
constitutional referendum in December 2016. As the UK found with the
2014 Scottish independence vote, even holding a referendum at all can be
highly destabilising to the traditional political order and political party

Shouting slogans such as “¡Viva España!” and chants such as “I am
Spanish,” around 10,000 people, according to figures from the central
government delegation in Madrid, attended a demonstration at midday on
Saturday in the Plaza de Cibeles, in the heart of the Spanish capital.

Britain's biggest ever peacetime repatriation mission has been launched to
rescue Monarch's 110,000 stranded passengers.The airline ceased trading
on Tuesday, with all future flights cancelled and nearly 2,000 people left
without jobs. Transport secretary Chris Grayling promised a mass effort will
now be executed to bring holidaymakers home, at a cost of £60million.

Theresa May must reverse the ‘hollowing out’ of the Armed Forces, a top
general has warned. In a letter to the PM, Sir Richard Barrons said states
had the capability to seriously threaten the UK.

The UK's second blind judge wholly failed 'to meet the standards that are
demanded by the office of a judge' according to a panel's ruling.
Meanwhile, a British Asian lawyer, Nazir Afzal, who was widely praised for his role in tackling the Rochdale grooming scandal, has been barred from
making the keynote speech at the Society of Asian Lawyers annual awards
and ball in London on October 28.

October 04, 2017 10:50 AM PDT

The song this week is especially for you "Wirral Splendour" and it extolls the virtues of this
wonderful Peninsula we both know so well...even though you are a deserter....I wrote it in the
80's as part of an E.P. I produced for Wirral Borough Council...the words say it all..the council
sold it via the libraries and sports centres etc....it was written from the heart

The Las Vegas shootings have dominated the news here and everywhere else....it's a terrible
situation which I doubt will ever be solved...to outsiders from other countries the answer is to
alter the gun laws and ban guns...but there is a lot more to it than that...America has a very
short history and they think differently to the rest of the world...and it would seem that the gun
companies make so much money and control the government....apparently you can't buy a
Kinder Egg because they are banned....the toy inside might choke a child....but you can buy a
machine gun over the counter.

We need more nurses and we need more police because the ones we have are under too much
pressure...but there isn't enough money...is what we are constantly told....when the likes of
Tony Blair and his cronies can rake in 250 grand for ONE after dinner speech....and the likes of
Chris Evans raking in 2 million (not quite sure for what)....is it any wonder?....A nurse gets 25
grand for saving lives...Evans gets the equivalent 80 nurses...but obviously him and the likes of
Linacre and his totally unnecessary "pundits" are more important....I'm sure the homeless guy in
sleeping in the shop doorway is delighted for them.

Now Monarch Airlines has gone under and with the Ryanair fiasco I am glad that foreign travel is
of no interest to me any more...I frequently go up to the Lake District and enjoy the ambience
and also frequent Snowdonia in Wales....it does not get any better than this...I can walk in the
hills and honestly say there is nowhere else I would rather be...I just don't understand suffering
the pressure of airports to go and fry beside a pool which most of those with no imagination
seem to do...but I also appreciate that I am fit enough to do what I do...unfortunately some
people aren't...but this country has so much to offer which so many don't appreciate.

O.K....are you ready for this....forget Superman...forget Batman....forget Captain Marvel...we
have our own super hero DAN DARE !!...and he is from SOUTHPORT !!...Dan Dare Pilot of the
Future was featured on Radio Luxembourg at 7.15 every night for 15 minutes...back in the
fifties.....I never missed an episode....he was also featured on the front of The Eagle comic and
the artist who created him lived in Southport....and there is an exhibition on there celebrating
the super hero with original artwork etc....Dan Dare...Digby and Jocelyn Peabody....rock on !!!

September 27, 2017 12:38 PM PDT

Angela Merkel won power at the ballot box on Sunday but lost support to the
far-right AfD party which gained its first seats in the German parliament,
leading to protests across the country.

Is it true that Catalans pay more than the rest? The answer is yes. It will be
rightly said that Catalonia is a rich community and, therefore, it is logical
that in a progressive tax system contribute more than, for example,
Extremadura, the region with the highest unemployment rate and lower
GDP per capita.

Sympathy with Catalonia's bid to hold an independence referendum next
week is running high in Scotland, where lawmakers are increasingly vocal in
condemning Spain's actions and a group of volunteers is heading out to

He lives far away, but Jose Jimenez is convinced that Catalonia's
independence referendum "won't result in anything," one of many Spaniards
in the sprawling southern Andalusia region following the separatist crisis
with concern.

Mariano Rajoy visited the White House Tuesday to hold a working session
with US President Donald Trump. The Spanish president, in his first
meeting with Trump, plans to invite the US president to visit Spain and has
put on the table his diplomatic position on sanctions to North Korea and

Not all countries are the same," says Antonio Javier Saborit López, a
Spanish citizen who works in the construction sector in London, and is part
of a surprising number of Spaniards based in the United Kingdom who
support Brexit.

Former Spanish king Juan Carlos at 79 has been named world sailing
champion along with his crew during the classic six competition in
Vancouver that also included American Dennis Conner.

A hero Royal Marine who lost three limbs in a bomb blast in Afghanistan
was praised by Prince Harry last night after winning a silver medal at the
Invictus Games.

Ryanair has announced it will scrap 18,000 more flights on 34 routes until
March 2018 - having already axed more than 2,000 routes

n a triumphalist keynote speech at party conference, Mr Corbyn said he
was determined to sweep away the 'failed dogma' of 1980s Thatcherism
and make the rich 'pay their fair share'

A NHS plan to bring over 202 nurses from the Philippines to work at the
Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, has stalled after 88 per cent
of the first wave failed their English language test.

August 06, 2017 04:52 AM PDT

Broadcasting from Cool FM in downtown Benidorm. This was the day when Chubby Checker propelled The Twist into our young lives. The song originally came from Hank Ballard. Check out Chubby Checker's podcast with me.....http://www.vincetracy.com/checker.html

April 16, 2017 01:58 PM PDT

Could our weekly show be the fastest quiz game on the airwaves? The show is presented by Vince Tracy with his special guest Neil Colbourne. We think our listeners are the best you'll find anywhere in the world! You need to listen to this podcast to appreciate the fun we have...Past shows can be found at http://www.vincetracy.com/neilandvincecoolfm.html

February 19, 2017 12:47 PM PST

World famous #comedy #impressionist #paulmelba with #vincetracy at #coolfm #benidorm #costablanca #spain with impressions of #nelsonmandella #billyconnolly #princecharles #jamesmason #dukeofedinburgh and much more.....

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