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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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February 14, 2018 12:36 PM PST

First off....I am not a believer in ghosts and spirits etc....I like to think I am a realist....but last
week I sent you my song about Bobby Vee which you played....the next day I woke up to find my
photo of me and Bobby Vee on the floor...it had fallen off the wall where it has been for several
years.....that is some coincidence or what??.....still on the music scene I notice Bruno Mars
swept the board at the Grammys....we discussed him a few weeks ago and s far as I'm
concerned he is as good as it gets....at the other end of the spectrum The Spice Girls are
threatening to re-form...so it's time to get out the ear plugs.

2.We are being overdosed with the Winter Olympics which sadly I don't have much interest
in.....mainly because we never do too well in them....then we have the six nations rugby which I
quite enjoy...especially as England are doing well...the problem with rugby is if you don't know
the rules it all looks a brawl....they should have a programme at the outset explaining the rules
for those who require to know?.....I also noticed the ladies rugby was played to a sparse
stadium...maybe the men stayed away in case they were accused of sexual harassment?....and
on that very subject members of the French national team were accused of inappropriate sexual
behaviour on a night out after their game with Scotland....and as usual nothing was proved and
no-one charged.....surprise surprise.

3.Sony have been heavily criticised for their cartoon of Peter Rabbit where poor old Peter was
pelted with blackberries because he hated them....this...according to "worried" parents could
effect their children who might have allergies....the nanny state strikes again...forget Popeye
and Tom and Jerry...it's time we STOPPED enjoying cartoons....so there !!.....I despair for the
future of our children...laughter and enjoyment will become a thing of the past...but only for the

4.What we should be moaning about is the total misuse of the English language we have to
suffer on television....with Cockneys with their "I Fink it's on Fursday"....there's a TH in there
!!....or "There's a par'ee....on sa'adee"....there's a T in there.....also we have our wonderful
northerners with Keith Lemon's "Froo keyhole"....THROUGH THE please....or "It were really
grand...it really were".....this is what the nanny state should be worried about...........and it's time
blokes realised that long hair is for the young...not for wannabe ex rockstars in their 70s....not
forgetting the scrawny pony tail....or man buns....and shaved heads which are supposed to
make onlookers think they actually have a full head of hair but have decided to have an egg on
their shoulders because it's trendy man....only my opinion... if I'm allowed to have one in this

5.The song this week is about one of my favourite ladies..."The Ballad of Una Stubbs".....I have
put this on YouTube and have had thousands of hits so obviously I am not alone in my
opinion.....I have a signed picture of Una on my wall...I have never met her but I have spoken to
her on the phone after sending her the song....so if this falls off the wall I'm leaving town.

February 14, 2018 12:21 PM PST

The cold front that hit Spain last Thursday is continuing to cause
traffic problems throughout the country, with snow and frost affecting
350 roads and delaying the high-speed AVE train service.

The “Catalonia effect” has left one of Spain’s new parties,
Ciudadanos, in a stronger position than ever in the political scene,
according to the latest poll by Metroscopia for EL PAÍS.

There had to be a gutter somewhere, and it looks like they chose La
Línea.” Juan Franco, the mayor of the town, speaks these words with
a combination of weariness, anger and sadness. His mood can be
summed up by three events that made news headlines in under 24

An investigation into unfair competition that the US government
launched last summer into Spanish black-olive producers continues
this week, with a visit from a group United States Department of
Commerce inspectors to verify the information that Spanish
companies have been supplying over recent months.

Girls are playing soccer against boys – and winning. Every weekend,
Valencia’s FC junior women’s soccer team is beating its male rivals
at official competitions. The team stands out for its discipline, ball
skill and fierce competitiveness.
soccer is a male sport, and winning the admiration of both parents
and rivals. These 11-year-old girls are focused and continuing to prove wrong the clichés about women in sport.

It is nearly 11pm as snow falls on the narrow streets of
Amsterdam. Two young men wearing hoodies swagger up to one of
the full-length windows in the most famous sex district in the world.

Brussels s preparing to improve its Brexit trade offer amid disarray at
Michel Barnier's hardline approach.EU chiefs said there was
pressure from EU capitals to scrap its chief negotiator's strategy.

Boasting a 25ft swimming pool and a charming sun terrace, this is
the luxury apartment block in Haiti where Oxfam aid workers cavorted with young prostitutes at a sex party likened to a 'Caligula orgy'.

The Oxfam scandal widened dramatically last night after claims of
sex abuse spread to its charity shops. A whistle-blower revealed that
the beleaguered charity has faced multiple allegations, including
alleged abuse of children by its volunteers. With his voice supposedly ‘cracking with emotion’, Ian Huntley has at
last issued what appears to be a grovelling apology for murdering ten-year-old schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, confessing: ‘I
think about them every day.’ Giving every impression of begging for some form of public forgiveness, the notorious predatory paedophile,
who has now spent more than 15 years behind bars, has declared
himself to be ‘so terribly, terribly sorry for what I have done’.

A terror suspect and sex offender with 17 aliases has reportedly
been working at Britain's busiest airport in an alarming security
breach. Career criminal Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamud is said to be
on an official terror watchlist but reportedly had access to Heathrow's
runway. Mohamud, 31, has a criminal record stretching back 11
years including robbery, assault, money laundering and threats to kill.

A female pilot says that she has had to overcome sexism from
passengers in order to follow in her father's footsteps in the
profession. Londoner Annie Hellner, 25, originally from
Malmo, Sweden, said that she had to deal with sexist rants and
comments before becoming a pilot for budget airline Ryanair.

February 07, 2018 12:23 PM PST

With local and regional elections coming up in mid-2019, the Popular
Party (PP) is hoping that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will make
Cabinet changes to appoint members with a higher political profile.

THE number of applications made by refugees for asylum status in
Spain was around 31,700 last year, almost twice as much as 2016
levels. An average of around 2,700 people per month applied for the status nationally.

A tip-off three years ago launched “Operation Mastín,” a police
operation that led to 41 arrests last year. Twenty of the suspects are now in pre-trial detention;
....... The involvement of Chinese mafias in the marijuana business “has led to a boom in its roduction in Spain in the last four years,” say investigators.

THE suffering of many animals should end with new protection laws that have come into effect in Spain from last Thursday. The
amputation (docking) of tails, cutting of ears, removal of teeth and claws, and the sectioning the vocal chords have all been banned.

POLICE in Spain have arrested an 85-year-old man at a hospital in
Valencia for throwing ‘acid’ in the face of a retired doctor.
Screaming ‘Murderer, you have killed my son’ the pensioner threw a liquid in the face of the 72-year-old doctor.

A SPANISH union has appealed to Ryanair to change its members
working conditions. The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (SEPLA) has taken issue with what they said was the “abnormal” situation of its members, with many of them working under Irish employment status.

Dozens of EU laws could be imposed on Britain during a two-year
transition period after Brexit, it was claimed today. ....... One of the rulings could make people
take out insurance for all off-road vehicles including tractors, golf
buggies and mobility scooters. Another could see all households
forced to have four bins to hit ‘unfeasible’ EU recycling targets,
according to the report ....

Nick Clegg has launched a searing attack on the Brussels elite -
blaming their 'sneering' attitude for Brexit. The former deputy prime
minister, a prominent Europhile, complained that the drive for 'ever-
closer integration' had been a 'terrible misreading' of public opinion.

A British man with Aspergers accused of hacking into the FBI's
computers will not be extradited to the US after a High Court ruling today. US authorities have been fighting for Lauri Love to face trial on charges of cyber-hacking after he allegedly stole data from agencies including the Federal Reserve, the US Army, the Defence Department, Nasa and the FBI. The student could have faced solitary confinement in the US and a sentence of up to 99 years in prison if found guilty.

Two burglars who raided an 83-year-old woman's home were caught
in clear CCTV images despite stealing the cameras. The pair of thieves targeted a woman in the Sheldon area of Birmingham yeserday, telling her they worked for the 'gas board' and forcing open a safe. They spotted two CCTV cameras installed
inside the home and grabbed them, but police managed to download
the images recorded from a central database.

A white supremacist has been convicted of terrorism after planning to carry out a machete attack at a gay pride event. ... the New Empire
pub in Barrow, Cumbria. .

We've had prosecco flavoured crisps and even a gin and tonic
version. Now Doritos is making ‘lady-friendly’ tortilla chips that are .....quieter to eat, less messy and come in a packet designed to fit in

The mother of James Bulger said her son's killer has 'rubbed salt in her wounds' by issuing an 'apology' as he was locked up again for child pornography offences. Venables - who murdered James in 1993 - was today found to be a continued 'high risk to children' after
he was caught with sickening pictures of youngsters as young as two being sexually abused. Arguing against a long jail term, Venables' lawyer said he 'asked to apologise' to James' family over the latest instance of his repeat offending.

February 07, 2018 10:49 AM PST

I watched an interview with Jimmy Osmond which was really good...what a nice unassuming
guy he is...it's always nice to see those who have been to the top being grateful as opposed to
being a diva....back in the day I thought The Osmonds were brilliant...clean cut showman...and
when I worked on local radio I met Donny Osmond who was a delight and had time for
everyone...I got a photo of me and him and put it on my Christmas cards as The Two
Donnys...great bloke.

I watched the film of The Beatles rise to fame called "Eight Days A Week" produced by Ron
Howard....it is pretty unbelievable watching the impact they had on the world....as I have said in
the past I never got the reason for the mass hysteria ...I thought they were good and liked most
of their songs but to have hundreds of thousands of screaming teenagers trying to storm the
stage when you couldn't hear a note over the noise was fascinating...and I had to laugh when
George said that Marshall built them bigger amplifiers for their stadium gigs....100
watt....nowadays 100 watt would be fine for a cafe....the film is well worth watching as it pulls you
in to a very odd time in entertainment....still don't get it though.

The feminist crisis is still boring us on the TV....what is funny is the glamour girls are now
complaining about being removed from the motor racing and the darts championships
announcing "no-one is going to tell ME what I can and can't do"....so now all the women are
starting to argue with each other...TAKE COVER LADS!!...it's just a matter of time before they
self destruct....with a bit of luck....I had to laugh at Naomi Campbell on morning TV...she was
asked if she was a feminist...to which she replied with a firm YES...she was then asked what she
thought of the models parading around at the formula 1 meetings....to which she said that it was
a nice job for attractive girls to make some money...then she was told they had all been
sacked...." I didn't know that!!" she exclaimed.....just about sums it all up.

Back in the 80s they introduced American football on Channel 4 TV....they put on highlights of
the games between 6 and 7 p.m. every Sunday....like a lot of viewers I started to watch it and
became moderately hooked....I even got a book of the rules....it started to gain huge popularity
then some genius member of Chanel 4 shifted it to 10.30 at night....which lost all the viewers
and it was goodbye to American football.....there have been many attempts to get it off the
ground in this country...even having major games at Wembley but it will never take off here...it's
too long winded...highlights are fine....I tried too watch the recent Super Bowl but lost interest
before falling asleep.

Speaking of great blokes I'd like to drop another name...Bobby Vee....who I worked with on two
concerts..one at the Floral Pavilion Theatre in New Brighton and the other at the North Wales
Theatre in Llandudno in Wales....I opened the show on both occasions and we had some nice
chats over coffee in between sets....I was a big fan of his wonderful songs in the early sixties
and we discussed his rise to fame and of course the songs of Carole King...we hit it off straight
away and I was sad to hear of his passing a few years ago....he was one of the nicest people I
have ever met.....and as a small tribute to him I wrote the song I have sent you....it is from my
DooWop album and is called "The Bobby Vee Song"....which takes a light hearted look at the
days he stole our girlfriends hearts.

January 31, 2018 10:48 AM PST

.First off there has been coverage of an event called "Presidents Dinner" where millionaire
celebs meet up each year and raise millions for children's charities....30 attractive young ladies
are hired as "hostesses" and are required to dress in a particular way and stroll around
mingling with the guests....then out of the gutter comes an "undercover" journalist who reports
"sexual harassment" of these girls....the upshot is that not ONE of the girls has complained and
NO-ONE at the dinner saw anything untoward...but apparently this "undercover" agent saw
things EVERYBODY else missed....the organisers of the event (which has gone on for years)
have decided to cancel it and close down the organisation...giving the £20 million raised to
children's charities....so all this wannabe James Bond has achieved is to remove a nice little
paid job for young ladies and to stop millions of pounds going to children's charities....nice
one...a brilliant result I don't think. What next? they will be closing down all the hospitals
because some reporter thinks he saw a nurse being sexually harassed ?

And on the subject of sex....the new manager of the England ladies football team...Phil Neville...
has been "FOUND OUT"....apparently someone has dug deep enough to find an inappropriate
tweet he made thirteen years ago...shock horror....it's getting to the stage where no-one will hire
women in case they mentally scar them....perhaps they'll all be happy then?....oh no...I forgot
...THAT would be sexist...I would hate to have to interview a black guy and a white female for a
job...whoever you gave the job to would either be racist or sexist....a no win situation or what.

I had to laugh at a report about some Chinese tourists in Venice who complained about being
charged £1000 for a fish dinner...and a Brit saying he was charged £450 for breakfast.....the
mayor of Venice responded by calling tourists "tight fisted".....I've been to Venice and was not at
all impressed....totally overrated....and the problem with these foreign climes is you tend to get
hit with an unexpected bill AFTER you have eaten...so you are a sitting duck to be ripped off.....I
remember visiting Benal Madena in Spain and got chatting to an English guy who had opened a
bar....as it was situated above other local establishments he put a sign at the bottom of the
stairs advertising his pub...which he was instantly told by the police to remove....thus leaving his
new business to struggle...whereas other bars in similar locations were O.K....but this is not
racist is it?...not much.

British television has hit a new low....it is so bad...especially the BBC which COSTS ME!!!....the
news is pure unnecessary scare mongering...and the reporters are a disgrace...an example
being a man who had just lost a child in an accident being asked "how did it feel when you saw
your child dead in the road?"....just one of the many utterly STUPID unnecessary questions
these amateur reporters ask.....and I think they make a guess at the weather forecast which
they rarely get right....not to mention the obscene salaries they pay to third rate presenters
.....they had a football match on last Friday night peak viewing time....who, apart from the
supporters of both teams is interested?...NOT ME....it really is pathetic...I;m wondering how long
they can get away with it.....and so are THEY probably.

And finally...the song this week is entitled Tribute To Ricky Nelson.....I was around when the
rock and roll tsunami struck the world and at school we all quickly found our favourite recording
stars....mine was Ricky Nelson and I loved everything he did especially the guitar solos on the
records which were played by James Burton....never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that
60 years on I would be singing Ricky's hits in concert with James...it was surreal....I did 8
concerts over the years with JB who I now regard as a friend....he has backed
Elvis..Sinatra...Roy Orbison etc etc....and I can add my name on the end of these.

January 31, 2018 02:58 AM PST

KING FELIPE VI OF SPAIN has presented 12-year-old daughter Crown Princess Leonor with the Order of the Golden Fleece at The Royal Palace of Madrid.......

POLICE have arrested a 15-year-old boy for allegedly starting a fire that gutted the frontage of a Carrefour store on the Costa del Sol. Blanca.

THREE people have died and one person has been left seriously injured in a crash involving four cars on the AP-7 Autopista de la Mediterrania in Spain.

A government worker at the Alicante provincial authorit has made media headlines after it emerged that was on sick leave for a total of 4,453 days between 2001 and 2016. In other words, he has been away from his post as a nursing assistant at the Doctor Esquerdo psychiatric hospital for 12 years out of 15!

THE OLDEST man in the world, Francisco Nuñe, from Spain has died aged 113-years-old.

Brexit. Brexit. Brexit! Baffled Brexiteers slammed the German ambassador today after he claimed Britain voted to quit the EU because it was obsessed with World War Two. ......and.........Furious locals have compared a headteacher at one of Britain's top primary schools to Adolf Hitler after she tried to ban young girls from wearing a hijab in class.

New laws in Poland make it a criminal offence to suggest the country had anything to do with crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

Schools have received almost 6,000 job applications in the past 18 months from teachers with criminal records – including those guilty of paedophilia, rape and attempted murder.

January 24, 2018 01:24 PM PST

With Neil away and Vince on his travels we still make time to see what the papers are saying but what mightn't be put out as the most important news from Spain and the UK.

January 24, 2018 10:56 AM PST

The song this week "Subway Songman" is one I wrote back in the day after watching a busker in Liverpool....I have sent it because I spent last week in Bowness in the Lake District and it was very cold......I came out of the local supermarket to see an old guy sitting on the pavement with a blanket around him and his dog...with a hat on the floor....he looked up at me and smiled...I chucked a couple of quid in his hat and thought how wrong this is....it's 2018....this should not happen....and I had just read a headline on the newspaper stand inside the shop..."Ant 31 million divorce settlement".........which brings me to the next topic.

Ant McPartlin...50% of Ant and Dec has recently been divorced with a record settlement of 31 MILLION pounds to his missus....can someone PLEASE tell me how this bloke is worth this sort of money....what does he do?....apart from stand at the side of the Britain-s Got Talent stage with his grinning idiot other "comedy" half......62 million?...it's obscene...ANYONE can do it...similarly newsreaders and chat show hosts are in the same boat....ANYONE can do it..that moaning woman reporter has just resigned after refusing a £45000 rise because it still leaves her salary less than the men....how sad.....and yet a nurse who trains for years to gain the skills to help saves lives gets £25000 a year....which is ONE EIGHTIETH of Chris Evans salary....and we are constantly being told there isn't enough money for police or the NHS.....THIS IS WHY !!

On the subject of money....Prince William has had a haircut (big news).....it cost £180....why? he hasn't GOT any hair......looks like a 50 pence job to me.....and Harry-s Meghan bought a new designer coat (or something) and within an hour the same item was sold out as the sheep went on the stampede....it makes me want to go out and get covered in tattoos ... talk with a squeaky voice...and have my brain removed to be like Beckham......and talking of hairstyles I fail to see the point of a "man bun"....it looks hideous....and an earring does not belong on a bloke unless he's a pirate...just my opinion.....

The Voice is back....which is my cue to change channels....it has to be the most successful load of tripe ever....with a panel of strange misfits including Sir Tom who looks like he is trying to stay awake....success in the music business isn't just about the voice or who can shout the loudest...if you want to make the big time....it does not require your whole family...including granddad... in the wings cheering you on....it's dreadful.....and I've just seen an advert for DJ Trevor Nelson's Collection....yet another bandwagon jumper....it is apparently his favourite "cool" songs...by the original artists...with a picture of Trev on the sleeve relaxing in a chair.....no wonder the music biz is in tatters......maybe we should get Trev and Mike Parkinson to SING a few tracks off their collection albums....a good way of clearing the place.

And finally they have had some attention seeking woman on TV suggesting we ban the national anthem in schools and it was entertaining to see Piers Morgan shouting her down.......and not forgetting the film awards presented by women...announcing proudly that women are now in control of their destinies......I assume that is providing there are still enough millionaires they can latch on to?.....did I say that or think it?.......and there has been a national outcry and support for the SAS guy who was involved in the Iranian Embassy siege in the 80's.....he has hit hard times and can't get a council house....despite one of the terrorists living in one..........what was it J.C. said "The meek shall inherit the earth"....he wasn't far wrong.

January 17, 2018 12:37 PM PST

Spanish Tourism industry estimates over that around 82 million
visitors arrived in 2017, setting a new record, while the forecast for next 12 months is also very positive

Spain's prime minister warned Monday that Madrid would maintain
unpopular direct control of Catalonia if the former regional leader Carles Puigdemont tries to govern again from exile in Belgium.

Five Spanish women who were secretly filmed stealing products from their workplace have been awarded €4,500 in compensation by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. The women
launched the case after they were dismissed after being caught on
hidden cameras robbing or helping other employees rob products
from the supermarket where they worked as cashiers.............
an employer cannot secretly film their employees in the

Two women carrying goods between Morocco and Spain's Ceuta
enclave were killed on Monday in a stampede at the border between
the two countries officials said.

An official investigation has been launched into top bosses at
Carillion who changed the rules so they could keep their bonuses as
the firm collapsed and put 23,000 jobs at risk.

The watering down of so-called 'clawback conditions', which would
have allowed investors to demand the return of bonuses in the event
of company failure, came in 2016 when the firm was already showing
signs of financial stress.

A UK supermarket will be the first in the world to remove plastic
packaging from all of its own-label products. Iceland's landmark move puts pressure on its rivals to follow suit amid public demands to turn back the tide of plastic pollution.

Calais Hospital, ran in partnership with health chiefs in south Kent, is able to offer 'fast care to any NHS patient' - as hospitals in England reach crisis point.

Surgeon Simon Bramhall, 53, resigned from his job at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2014 after another surgeon found "SB" branded on a failed donor liver,

A psychologist said to have recommended the release of the black cab rapist has spent 30 years calling for softer sentences for sex offenders, it has been revealed. John Worboys is set to be freed from prison nine years after he was jailed indefinitely following his conviction for sexually assaulting 12 female passengers. His release
was signed off by the Parole Board following a report by Dr Jackie
Craissati, a renowned clinical psychologist hired by Worboys'
defence team.

A woman who ran out of petrol on a motorway before a fatal smash
has been put on trial accused of causing death by dangerous driving.

January 11, 2018 02:10 AM PST

The song this week is from a classic album I produced in the 80's for my pal wrestler Adrian
Street....it is called "Imagine What I Could Do To You" and he used it to enter the wrestling
ring....I brought it out on a vinyl 45 and while I was pushing stuff in London I played it to a boffin in R.C.A.....who said it was possibly the worst record in the history of music....I asked him if I could quote him on that....and that is what went on the label....the song ended up in a film and was featured on Adrian's bouts in the States and paid off my mortgage....THAT'S how it's done.

Over the last few years I have been impressed by Bruno Mars....so I decided to take a look at
"Bruno Mars Live in Harlem" which was a televised live concert...I was totally blown away...he is
the real deal...as good as it gets....the guy dances sings plays drums,guitar,and piano and
knows how to entertain...absolutely sensational....and what a voice....I was beginning to despair
with the music biz...with the likes of Bradley Walsh...Alexander Armstrong and Nick Knowles
trying to muscle in...I suggest they watch Bruno and see how it's really done then get back to
their proper jobs.

The sexual harassment saga never ends...the female film stars all wearing black dresses (which
probably cost thousands) at the latest film award ceremony...showing solidarity (and various parts of their bodies) in support of those who have been sexually harassed before going back to their mansions....we get it ladies...we don't need telling every couple of days....try slapping a few faces instead of making a fortune then omplaining.....I think the majority of women find this
pathetic...those who have been subject to any form of violence obviously need help but
someone who was tapped on the behind 20 years ago needs to get over it....you have won
ladies....we are now all equal so lets just move on.

O.K....are you ready for this...we have just had 6 months of rain and floods....probably the worst
on record...rivers overflowing...landslides...BUT WAIT!!!....the reservoirs in Kent are half full....so we could be heading for...wait for it....a DROUGHT !!...so there you go...one half of our little country will be dying of thirst while the other half (200 miles away) drowns....no point complaining because all we will hear is "we have to make cuts because of lack of funds" which is
the standard excuse for verything....except royal weddings.

Boozing at airports and drunks on flights have hit the news....there was an air hostess on saying
the matter is getting worse...she had been thrown up on and "touched up" on occasions and the
problem of alcohol misuse needs to be solved.....to me the answer is simple....ban alcohol from
airports....oh sorry...I forgot....they need to make lots of money from serving overpriced
drinks....that's far more important than passenger safety at 30,000 feet.....then on comes a
bloke from some drinkers society...a Scotsman (now there's a surprise)...who goes on about
how he likes to have a few drinks when he arrives at the airport because sometimes he has had
to sit around for hours because of delays....so I would doubt he would have "a few" drinks in
that time...as always it comes down to greed...let's leave the drunken idiots to the pilots and air hostesses while we make a fortune.

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