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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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July 18, 2018 01:03 PM PDT

We flew by Ryanair from Alicante Airport. This airport has changed immensely since the days when we first arrived in Spain. From a rather small airport it has expanded year on year and after we had travelled one year from a rather small Alicante airport we had returned from America to a huge improvement in both size and quality. This facility has now improved almost every year that we’ve lived here.

After a flight duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes, we had flown over France, crossed the Channel and were flying over the Eden Project and the English China Clay landscape towards Newquay Airport.

July 18, 2018 12:32 PM PDT

A BRITISH holidaymaker has survived after plummeting seven floors from a balcony at a Mallorca hotel and landing on a car bonnet following a row with his partner...........

A five-foot tsunami has hit tourist beaches in parts of Majorca and Menorca. A wave measuring almost five feet hit Ciutadella on the west coast of Menorca in the early hours of Monday morning. ...... Meteotsunami have been recorded reaching heights of 6ft (1.8m) or more.

Undocumented migrants will have access to public healthcare the moment they set foot in Spain, according to a draft government decree. .........Regional governments will decide what documents are necessary to access the system in their territory

A VACCINE to protect against all five strains of the deadly Ebola virus is being worked on by Spanish researchers, and it would be the first of its kind. A prototype Ebola vaccine has been developed by phamaceutical company Merck, but it is only effective against the “Zaire” strain. SPAIN’S new traffic chief has revealed that drivers using a mobile phone while at the wheel are set to face heavier fines.

. LOW-COST airline easyJet has launched its 1000th route and new flights between the UK, Spain and Gibraltar are now on sale.Sixteen brand new routes have been added to the Winter 2018 flying schedule as the airline expands its network. The new routes include: Belfast to Fuerteventura with prices from £26.70* London Luton to Gibraltar (from £15.72*) Manchester to Lanzarote (from £28.72*) Manchester to Barcelona (from £36.70*)

A drunken mother - who had been tranquilized before she got on a plane - rummaged through lockers in a desperate search for alcohol before launching a mid-air attack on her husband. .......... Sentencing her to eight weeks in jail, suspended for two years, chair of the bench ......
also handed a rehabilitation order.

Donald Trump sent the Special Relationship into meltdown
after lobbing a series of extraordinary verbal hand grenades at Theresa May on his visit to the UK. The US president tore up diplomatic niceties to deliver a series of crushing blows to the PM, warning that her soft Brexit plan would 'kill' a trade deal with the US - and heaping praise on Boris Johnson, who quit in protest earlier this week.

The president also renewed his war of words with Sadiq Khan, saying the London mayor has 'done a very bad job on terrorism'. He said he thought that allowing 'millions and millions' of people into Europe was 'very sad' and pointed to crime being 'brought in' to London.......

Dr David Mackereth’s 26-year medical career hasn’t been jeopardised by endless, gruelling, night shifts. Nor have the life and death decisions he has made on NHS emergency wards for decades put him off his profession. It was, in the end, his response to an instruction in a nondescript training room that has left his future hanging in the balance.

‘ Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry faced accusations of hypocrisy last night after it emerged that her husband had made more than £500,000 profit buying a former housing association property for her brother to live in. ....... The property is now worth more than £1 million and is occupied by Ms Thornberry's brother Ben.

July 18, 2018 10:45 AM PDT

As usual blanket one sided coverage of Trumps visit to our country... pathetic....showing beyond a shadow of a doubt what a sad uneducated collection of sheep we have become......just go out and GET A LIFE!!!

Not forgetting our World Cup "HEROES"....they LOST...end of....heroes are divers who rescue kids trapped 2 miles inside a flooded cave.....or have I got it wrong.?....

I saw the video you put on Facebook of John Lennon and Yoko squawking through a "song".....I KNOW I'm probably the only bloke in the world who just does not get Mr. Lennon....never did.....I always found him
arrogant and disrespectful....not to mention the love and peace shenanigans spending a week in bed
etc....trying to solve the problems of the world and failing...he wrote some good songs but ....which thanks again to mass
hysteria he managed to convince the sheep they were wonderful songs.........

I had to laugh at a feminist who appeared on the morning news programme suggesting that wolf
whistling should be a criminal offence........stop making yourselves look stupid.

I knew it....a winter of solid rain and floods washing away cars and houses....then a few weeks of
sunshine and bingo....a hosepipe ban....this will come into effect on the 5th of August....

The song this week is one of my classics I produced for my wrestling pal Adrian Street "Imagine What I
Could Do To You".....

July 16, 2018 06:07 AM PDT

let's see if Eric thought France were worthy winners of the 2018 Jules Rimmet Trophy. Did England blow their best chance ever since 1966 by naive decision/making and
what did Eric think of the VAR system?

July 06, 2018 11:08 AM PDT

Career Overview The 1970s: Carrack's recording career began with the progressive rock band Warm Dust between 1970 and 1972. Carrack was the keyboard
player for Warm Dust Carrack and Warm Dust bassist Tex Comer helped to found the pub rock band Ace. Carrack wrote and sang "How Long", Ace's debut single and
a hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1975. In 1977 Ace disbanded and Carrack began working as a backing
musician for Frankie Miller. This was followed by a turn as a member of Roxy Music, playing keyboards on their 1979 reunion album Manifesto. The 1980s: after
leaving Roxy Music full time, Carrack issued his first solo album, 1980s Nightbird.
It was not a commercial success. 1n 1981, Glenn Tilbrook recruited Carrack to join Squeeze as a replacement for long-time keyboardist Jools Holland...........

July 04, 2018 11:06 AM PDT

a winter of solid rain and floods....a few weeks of sunshine and guess what....an upcoming possible hosepipe ban....the excuse is they can't treat the water fast enough to supply our
needs....what a load of codswallop....they manage to get the water bills out O.K......how many staff do they have in the water industry...6?.....strange how they managed to direct water all over the country via a canal
system a few hundred years ago yet they can't get it to our taps in the 21st century....wonderful.
I've given up on Brexit.....I lost the plot a while ago....now nobody knows what the hell is going on....we voted OUT by a majority didn't we?....but we forgot the fat cats might lose some of their obscene fortunes so those who LOST the vote are fighting back...which begs the question why bother voting in the first place....democracy? don't make me laugh....I voted out simply because I want to live in a country which makes its own laws instead of being told what we can and can't do by some distant bunch of so called politicians who gave us the wonderful human rights and all that rubbish....as usual we are told what they want us to hear...I dread to think what we don't know.....then we have Boris Johnson and that Rees Mogg in
the mix...say no more.
On the music scene....I have been listening to The Beach Boys old hits which have been remastered with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra added which sounds great....I do like great orchestral arrangements and I
was a huge Beach Boys fan in the 60s before they lost their way with Pet Sounds....I liked the surfing stuff which they should have stuck to....I saw them in Manchester in 1966 ... they were O.K. ... not the best musicians which is why there are session muses on the records....Roy Orbison's hits got the same
treatment which was also brilliant....good pop songs never die.

Last week we had a special guest at out weekly jam session....The Cheshire Cats...who raise money for children's charities...Chan Romero who was the guy who WROTE Hippy Hippy Shake....and what a
delightful fella....he is now 77 and I was chatting with him about those early days...he has worked with Jerry Lee lewis...Chuch Berry..Elvis etc etc and Hippy Shake was featured in several films and was performed by
virtually every rock and roll band including The Beatles and of course was a number one in many countries by The Swinging Blue Jeans.....he went on stage with his backing band and was wonderful....a true legend
who has actually DONE it....not who thinks he has....love him.

I do enjoy watching the Jane McDonald cruising programmes...she is very natural and the shows are very well put together....however what we are not told is how much these luxury cruises cost....it's O.K. for Janey as she not only gets it free she also gets paid....nice work if you can get it.....apparently the programme has increased her record sales and she is now outselling Beyonce......at least she deserves her success as
she has taken the tough route to get there...she can therefore handle it all...unlike the modern instant famers who vanish after a few weeks and are left in the gutter wondering what happened.....fame requires a
lot more than performing...you need to get a grip of the business side if you want to survive.....it definitely aint
"a dream come true Simon"

The song this week is called "Mersey Man" and is a tribute tour wonderful river.....I never tire of walking along the promenade on the Wirral side and enjoying it's many moods.....it always has been a part of me.

June 27, 2018 10:51 AM PDT

t's all World Cup at the moment and with England actually winning couple of games... and scoring 6 goals in one of them....everyone is getting very excited....coming out with things like "we could win it !!"....how many ties have we been here before....which is why I put a bet on Germany....which I did on Friday afternoon....so
you can imagine what I went through during their match that night....but as always they scored in the last second and won the game....it's all good value this time because we not only get football we also get wrestling in the penalty area....and comedy when a player gets tapped on the shoulder and falls down rolling in agony holding his leg.....but not MY boys....and
we also seem to be doing well in rugby and cricket...and even cycling....hard to take in.

I watched Cher on the Graham Norton Show which was a good show as they were not all talking at once for a change....she is in the new version of Mamma Mia which I hope is as good as the first one (sequels rarely are) ... she is 72 and looks good but doesn't it make you feel old...she is a great survivor whom I applaud...there was also a programme on the story of ABBA which was worth atching...it is impossible to
not like their songs....they had it all and yet some of them were not happy....the songs are timeless and what was interesting they write the melody first then come up with the lyrics....I tried it once but it didn't work for me.

3.There has been a bit of controversy regarding a woman commentating on the World Cup....needless to say the feminists are up in arms....the problem is women's football is a none starter....mainly because men
aren't interested in it or indeed are most women....hence the empty stadiums....if you aint got the support you're going nowhere....ladies hockey for example is extremely popular with female supporters because
they can relate to it as they all played it in school along with netball etc.........and
also it has taken decades for MEN to build the world cup into what it is today and it seems to me the ladies want to muscle in with no input whatsoever....I don't feel I'm being sexist it's just how it is.....what next ....mixed football???...or even mixed rugby with a sexual harassment case after ever tackle?

4.There is a move afoot to ban mobile phones in the classroom.....imagine us lot in class with a phone...we'd have thick ear for a week...to me there is only one way to solve school behaviour and that is to
have a solid contract with clearly laid out rules and regulations as to what is and is not expected from pupils attending that particular school and laying out the consequence of misbehaviour....and to make the parents totally responsible for their children.....which the parents SIGN and agree to.....thus any breaking of the rules
would constitute breach of contract......problem solved.....nowadays the teachers have their hands tied and
some kids think they can get away with murder.

5.It was 8 years ago I played my first concert with m guitar hero James Burton who has backed many big stars including Elvis...and he was lead guitar on Ricky Nelson's records in the 50s and 60s....the song this week is a tribute to Ricky which I wrote from the heart and included titles from his hits.

June 20, 2018 12:11 PM PDT

Angela Merkel has been given just two weeks to find a Europe-wide agreement
over the migrant crisis after receiving an ultimatum from her coalition partners.

Ships carrying a total of 630 African migrants have arrived in Spain’s port of
Valencia after being refused by Italy and Malta.

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has promised free healthcare and
says it will investigate each asylum case. "It is our duty to help avoid a
humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe port to these people, to comply with
our human rights obligations," he said earlier this week

THE Spanish government has unveiled plans to make more than 500km of toll r
oads free to use across the country.

Inaki Urdangarin, the Spanish king’s brother-in-law has been jailed after the
Supreme Court rejected his appeal. He was sentenced to five years and 10
months of prison time for embezzling nearly six million euros between 2004 and
2006 from a non-profit foundation he headed on the island of Majorca.He will
be held at Brieva prison, chosen by Urdangarin, which is a small facility with
less than 100 inmates just North of Madrid.

A LUXURY Benidorm apartment block plans to ban holiday rentals in its building

THE Guardia Civil has warned tourists heading to Magaluf of a 20-strong teen g
ang that is robbing drunk holidaymakers and attacking towards those who resist

The sun shined down on the Queen in the UK as she left St George's Chapel, i
n Windsor Castle, to cheers from crowds after attending the annual Order o
f the Garter Service.

The PM pointed to the care given to terrorism victims and her own experience o
f coping with diabetes as she vowed to turn on the spending taps over the next five years to improve NHS services.

A taxi driver from Hampstead Heath, north London, was flying from Luton
Airport to Skopje, Macedonia, on Sunday morning when he ordered a 4.50
euro 'turkey ham' roll and a bottle of water.

A foreign thief who was deported from the UK for shoplifting waltzed back past border guards and resumed his life of crime, a court has heard. Eriks Gindra - w
ho has racked up convictions in Nottingham, Doncaster, Leeds, Barnsley and H
uddersfield - was kicked out of Britain four years ago

June 06, 2018 10:47 AM PDT

YI watched a programme called "It was alright in the 70s" where various programmes were shown from that era which would be regarded as sexist or racist these days....y'know...now we are the Nanny State........foe goodness sake GET REAL!!!...

Also we had to suffer one of those whinging feminists on the morning news programme prattling on about how badly women are treated....then a picture of the bloke who plays Poldark was displayed....with no shirt on... which had apparently delighted our female population......some of you girls need
to get over yourselves....and as for the "Men At Work" sign being sexist just about sums it all up...

The recent drama about Jeremy Thorpe has caused quite a stir.....it was very interesting and well acted by Hugh Grant who played
the politician really well......I think Hugh will get an award for this.

How about the guy in France who climbed up the side of that building to rescue a baby who was hanging off a balcony...what a hero...and he was am immigrant and has quite rightly been offered French citizenship...
railway timetables there is total disruption on the northern trains....displaying what a bunch of idiots we have in our wonderful government.

The song this week was the first record I produced when I formed my record company in 1980...I wrote it for my pal Pauline Daniels who went on to make a name for herself over the years... I was going to "layer" my recordings....in other words play all the instruments myself ....so I give you BD 001 on Big Dee Records...."You're No Good To Me If You Can't Boogie"..ou're No Good To Me If You Can't Boogie

April 09, 2018 11:24 AM PDT

World-famous comedy imressionist joined Vince to pay tribute to Sir Ken Dodd.Paul tells us of the early days when he met Doddy near the Jam Butty Mines in Knotty Ash, Liverpool

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