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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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May 15, 2019 12:59 PM PDT

Guy Verhofstadt insisted unanimity rules currently in place in the European Union hinder the decision-making powers of European institutions on matters such as
migration. Mr Verhofstatd, who is running to take over as European Commissioner from Jean-Claude Juncker when the top Eurocrat retires in November, claimed
member states could not be expected to agree unanimously on controversial issues and would need to apply majority rules.

The Pope was seen proudly holding a pin reading “Let’s open our harbours” during a meeting focused on welcoming migrants and people in need.

Spain wants to avoid being involuntarily dragged into any kind of conflict with Iran.
As such, acting Defense Minister Margarita Robles has ordered the Spanish frigate the Méndez Núñez, with 215 sailors on board, to be temporarily removed from the
combat group headed by the USS Abraham Lincoln, given the rising tensions between Washington and Tehran.

A government decree that went into effect on May 12 forces companies of all sizes to keep records of when employees start and end their working day. The goal is to
clamp down on unpaid overtime, and failure to comply carries administrative penalties ranging from €626 to €6,250.

Growing numbers of pensioners in Spain who are struggling to make ends meet are putting their properties on the market at lower prices, on the condition they may
continue to live there until they die......

The wife of a convicted fraudster has sparked fury after a photo of her on holiday was posted online with the caption: ‘Who says crime doesn’t pay?’

In the UK....Mr Farage clashed with the BBC host when he was asked about a statement he made ten years ago over wanting to privatise the NHS. At the
question, the Brexiteer responded: "This is absolutely ludicrous................

BBC Breakfast correspondent Nina Warhurst was in Ulverston at a playground factory which had brought in extra goods in anticipation of Brexit. ........ She said: “Lots of people will say ‘oh the Remoaners said the economy will collapse’. It hasn’t
happened, we’re doing fine. we’re seeing growth. Do we need to start worrying about Brexit?”

Lynne Owens, Director General of the National Crime Agency, demands ministers invest billions as serious and organised crime kills more people than terrorism,
natural disasters and war combined.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was permanently cancelled by ITV today following the death of a guest just a week after he appeared on the programme. ITV chief Carolyn
McCall admitted it was 'the right time for the show to end' ........Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman called the incident 'deeply concerning', while MPs on an influential Commons committee will discuss the case ....

May 15, 2019 10:41 AM PDT

I was sad to hear of the loss of my dear friend Monty Lister who was a presenter on Radio Merseyside for many decades...I worked with him on his popular Sunday morning show "Tune Tonic" for 5 years....but knew
him for many years before that...he interviewed many top entertainers from Bing Crosby to The Beatles (being the first to interview them)...he also produced many travelogues for his programme...for a lot of which I took care of the sound....we made trips all over Europe on one day excursions which has left me with many memories and anecdotes.....Monty was a gentleman and a good mate....and a broadcasting legend who I will
never forget.

We also lost another great character this week....Freddie Starr....Freddie was unpredictable and was difficult to control which sadly was his downfall but to me he was a comedy genius.....I remember seeing him many times with his band in the early sixties and it his massive talent was obvious then.....he was brilliant and a sad loss...they don't make 'em like him any more.

Still on the showbiz front Danny Baker has been on the news after his brainless tweet which was claimed was aimed at the royal birth....which he denies....the BBC have sacked him.....I always found Danny Baker to be a loudmouth who thought he was bigger than he was.....and this stupidity has put him in his place...a very silly
man........and on the silly man front David Beckham has lost his driving licence for 6 months after being caught using his mobile phone whilst driving....nice to know he never got away with this one on a technicality....it isn't
difficult complying with the law....it's there for the safety of others....when you choose to ignore the law you know
exactly what you are doing....unless you are an idiot........maybe Dave will now realise he is the same as the
rest of us.

I watched the BAFTAS as there was NOTHING worth watching on TV as usual....as I don't watch soaps I
didn't have a clue who most of them were.....and I see Ant and Dec were up there for their contribution to Britain's Got Talent....I am at a total loss as to what they do on this show....giggling at the side of the stage must obviously deserve an award............and I went up to The Lakes for a couple of days and decided to spend a morning in Morecambe on the way....it has a delightful waterfront which has been recently renovated....what I
had overlooked was it was 20 degrees so out come the trendy pensioners in their droves with their shaved heads...baseball caps...ill fitting huge shorts and flip flops and faded tattoos.....and not a chance of them moving to one side as you pass them....because they are just as tough as they used to be 50 years ago....or
think they are.......I often wonder what these aliens see when they look in the mirror......in future I will be saving
Morecambe for a dull windy day when they have all gone back to bed....and these are the one's who VOTE.

I have a good friend who is an Indian doctor....he is a brilliant surgeon....yet after he had been in the country for 10 years he was required to take an exam to achieve British citizenship......which was an hour long...he finished it in 5 minutes but had to stay for the hour......this chap SAVES LIVES with his special talents.....this
country should be grateful for the likes of him and his compatriots...and should welcome them with open arms.....perhaps we should make burglars and muggers take exams and kick them out if they fail...that would
make more sense...I know which one of the two I would rather be looking up at from the operating table.

I was at school when rock and roll broke out...and like many others learnt to play the guitar and formed a skiffle group....one of the lads came in one day and told me of a new record by Ricky Nelson called "Poor Little
Fool" and wrote out the chords....all four of them....which gave us a step up from the three skiffle chords....I
became a big fan of Ricky and enjoyed all his records especially the guitar solos which were played by a chap called James Burton....who went on to back all the greats like Sinatra and Elvis....so in 2008 I was asked if I would like to sing Ricky Nelson songs with James in a concert organised by a mate of mine called Doug Darroch.....needless to say I was well up for it.....the concert took place in a theatre in Birkenhead and I did an
hour of Ricky's hits with the man I had admired for 40 years......everyone should have their moment...this was
mine....I eventually did 8 concerts with James....thank you Dougy........the song this week is a live performance
with James....the one which started it all for me all those years ago...Poor Little Fool.

May 08, 2019 12:43 PM PDT

Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and opposition leader Pablo Casado of the Popular Party (PP) have agreed to open up a permanent communication
channel on the issue of Catalonia, where the independence drive has deeply divided the region.

APRIL was a good month for the job market. Employment, measured by Social Security affiliation, increased by 186,785 contributors compared to March.This means the number of people paying social security is now 19.23 million, the
highest since July 2008 ...........

In the newspapers.......... commenting after Notre Dame....let me run a few facts by
you. In 2016 three females, with radical ties to Islam, were arrested in a street adjacent to Notre Dame; along with a lorry containing six gas cylinders and Arabic propaganda papers........

.....THE debate over Brexit isn’t about Brexit anymore. It’s about democratic
accountability and the limits of referenda in modern politics.
....... There is no stipulation or law that mandates their results be taken as gospel nor a limit as to how many ones you can have. According to the House of Lords
Constitution Committee, referendums “cannot be legally binding in the UK, and are
therefore advisory.”

The knife crime epidemic has been directly fuelled by drastic cuts in youth services, according to MPs' research published today. It found that police forces covering areas with the biggest youth services cuts – such as West Midlands, the
Metropolitan, Cambridgeshire and Thames Valley – have also seen some of the highest increases in knife offences.

Widespread fears over the harmful effects on teenagers of spending hours on social media could be misplaced, according to a major British study. It claims
online activity only has a ‘trivial’ effect on their happiness, flying in the face of
research and the prevailing opinion of many parents.

May 07, 2019 10:59 AM PDT

The latest rip off is you will be getting charged when you draw your OWN money out of cash machines....those in control have come up with several reasons why they have to do this....the reason they seemed to have missed out is the correct one...which is the fact that they are a greedy grabbing bunch of selfish pigs who have no consideration for their fellow human beings....plus petrol is also going up for some unknown reason....the petrol companies must need a few more mansions.....it's very strange how the filling stations react instantly to price rises and relatively slowly when the price comes down....it's legal burglary.

Speaking of burglars there was extensive news coverage of the 79 year old man who stabbed and killed a burglar who was threatening him in his home....the courts decreed it was lawful killing as he was acting in self
defence....there has been a lot of support for this decision....it's a very interesting situation...quite rightly the
general opinion is that the burglar shouldn't have been there and it was his choice which is right but what seems to be overlooked in these situations is the repercussions for the old guy....your life would change....they should start by issuing realistic sentences to those who burgle....there is far more to the situation than stealing items...it's easy to say what you would do if it happened to you but the reality is a different story.....a burglar has
a choice....unfortunately in this case the burglar made the wrong one.

Once again the neanderthals are out on the streets.....one of the competitors in the London Marathon was an elderly lady who was running for her charity and eventually finished some way behind the others....nothing
wrong with that you might think....oh no....she has to take abuse from spectators and even organisers of the event shouting out that if she ate less she would be able to run faster and other moronic insults.....which
proves that some of our wonderful population have yet to evolve.....if you are a total waste of space there is no
need to show it with comments like this.......the upshot of it all was the lady needed to raise £1500 for her charity and she actually raised 10 grand....and if that isn't a huge two fingers to her critics I don't know what
is......what it needs is to employ Mike Tyson to jog along behind the rest and see how brave these loud mouth bullies are then....I'd pay good money to watch that.

.And still on the sporting front I watched about 10 minutes of the ladies cup final to try and see the point....sadly I didn't....the problem I have is the difference between this and the men's game....the two skills are light years apart....similarly with ladies rugby.....with the likes of tennis and athletics and even golf etc the difference isn't
obvious.....which brings me to the lady athlete who has too much testosterone.....and has to bring it down if she wishes to compete against other women....which makes a bit of a mockery of port.....the answer would be to have multi gender sport (when some have decided what gender they want to be) which would never happen
because the ladies would disappear overnight....I don't think they would be shouting for equality then?.....or have I got it completely wrong....just an opinion.....I sometimes feel I must apologise for being a white anglo saxon straight male.

The song this week is one which created our first meeting.....you were working on Radio Merseyside and I sent you this which resulted in us marching on the German Embassy....because they criticised Liverpool....how dare they!!.....this will bring back a few memories mate......here it is....the ultimate tribute to the big city...."Merseyside"

May 02, 2019 11:15 AM PDT

Kingsize Taylor was a huge influence on the music played in Liverpool and tells us about his life around Liverpool during the Merseybeat days! He also refused to take Cilla Black to Hamburg with his band for all the right reasons.

April 24, 2019 01:21 PM PDT

Almost 400 hundred people had to be evacuated from their homes as torrential rain lashed the east coast particularly hitting the British favourites of Benidorm and
Torrevieja hard. Late on Sunday night the AEMET state Met Office weather alerts for Benidorm on the Costa Blanca were suddenly upgraded to the highest severe
threat ‘red’ level.

The televised debate between candidates running in Sunday’s general election in Spain has consolidated the deep division between two opposing blocs with
irreconcilable positions on thorny matters such as Catalonia. .....

A group of six inmates walks out of the doors of the Segovia prison for the first time
in years – one has been inside for over a decade. They belong to a select group that has been chosen to complete the final stage of their sentence as pilgrims on
the Camino de Santiago.

In the UK......Mrs May appears to possess not an iota of self-awareness. Rather than preparing a dignified resignation statement, she has apparently spent the past
few days contemplating a Cabinet reshuffle.

The Swedish schoolgirl behind the children's climate strike has met politicians including Jeremy Corbyn during a visit to Parliament. Greta Thunberg is the 16-year-old whose refusal to go to school because of climate change led to children
around the world skipping classes to protest.

April 17, 2019 12:22 PM PDT

Paris had to watch in horror as fire erupted from the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday evening....................It was here that a Mass was held after
the liberation of Paris, on August 26, 1944, in what may be the single most important moment in French contemporary history. Naturally, the cathedral is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Paris itself was born on an island whose center is occupied by Notre-
Dame, and it grew out from there.

FOUR people in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz) were charged with removing a workman’s clothing to conceal a work-related accident. The 42-year-old forklift driver, who was married with two children, had no social security and was not trained to operate heavy machinery.

IBERIA bumped a 15-year-old off a Madrid flight and expected him to spend the night alone in a Dublin hotel. Upset when he was told he could only fly the next
morning via Heathrow he called language school owner, Liz Einstein, who is hosting
him in Ireland.

GLOBAL wine production has hit a 15-year high after a dramatic slump last year.Wine output across the world saw year-on-year growth of 17 per cent in 2018 according to a report by the International Organisation for Vine and Wine (OIV).

A CHARITY road rally from the UK to Spain is due to hit the road on April 23 and organisers say how much people spend on their chosen chariot is up to them but
the cheaper and wackier the better!

The Brexit Party has surged into the lead in the race for the European Elections after a top pollster predicted Nigel Farage's new party could win its first election.

Commuters and businesses are raging at the major disruption to at least 500,000 people as a boat continues to block Oxford Circus, activists dance on Waterloo
Bridge and rows of tents cover key routes through the capital.

Jeremy Corbyn vowed to axe Sats tests insisting children should be prepared for 'life not just for exams'. In a promise that has delighted left-wing teachers' unions, the Labour leader insisted if elected he would scrap the 'regime of extreme pressure

April 17, 2019 10:56 AM PDT

We nearly had another moon landing....but not quite....the space ship got all the way but crash landed...close
but no cigar....and we have been told the mission was a lot cheaper than previous attempts...this one was done "on a shoestring" and only cost 77 million pounds....which is some shoestring....I have always wondered what the point of space travel is....there is nothing there ....perhaps we should sort out things on THIS planet
first.....or get a loan from the Amazon guy's missus with her 27 billion divorce settlement.

2.And speaking of major spending the Houses of Parliament needs refurbishing....this will cost 4 BILLION....it would be cheaper to send the building into space (and a better idea)...4 billion? I would like to see the
breakdown of that amount .....apparently there are hundreds of rooms and offices etc....and I wonder why....they can't even run the country from ONE room.....but there could be some light at the end of the tunnel...Nigel
Farage is forming a new party...The Brexit Party.....and I,for one,will be voting for him as he HAS to be an improvement on the shower we have at the moment.....perhaps the MPs could make a donation towards the
refurbishment out of their expenses.....some hope!!

3.As we know...comedy has lost it's way - and this according to one of our comedians is because of a certain section of the community regarding some jokes as being racist or sexist when in fact they are just jokes.....if
you can only crack gags about white hetro sexual males there's not a lot of hope......again it's a case of pandering to the minority who have had a sense of humour by-pass....people's idea of humour naturally differs
especially between men and women....but what always puzzles me is how stadium audiences can be
helpless with laughter at some of the modern comedians and comediennes with their "observational" comedy
which isn't slightly funny.....when you are a certain age and remember when comedy was actually funny it is
hard to take these days.

4.Our local newspaper has published some of the salaries of council officials which has raised a few eyebrows....some around the 2 hundred grand a year mark.....I don't mind anyone making money but I do object to MY rates helping to feather their nests...especially when I keep going down potholes in the road because the council hasn't got the money to repair them....or so we are told....I often wonder what these "top"
officials actually DO....they are obviously "responsible" for a lot of things but what do they DO?....if they weren't
there would it make any difference?.....the Chief Constable for example has responsibilities but he isn't out on the streets dealing with neanderthals and he is on a lot more than those who do.......if he wasn't there the job would still get done.....or am I over simplifying things.

5.I recently watched a brilliant documentary on The Big Three who were a top group in Liverpool back in the sixties....possibly one of the first hard rock bands and were signed up by Epstein who sacked them because they wouldn't conform....the story is so interesting and quite moving in parts as there is only one still
alive....Brian Grifiths.....at the time they were as big as The Beatles but because of their antics they sadly didn't
last......I always thought they were born too early......had they began in the eighties they would have rocked the world....the song this week is one I wrote way back in the day and is a tribute to the bands who put Liverpool on
the music map...."Merseybeat Memories"

October 07, 2018 06:26 AM PDT

One of the world’s leading songwriters, the artists performing his songs
include: Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Barbara Streisand, The Drifters,
Englebert Humperdink, Charles Aznavour, Des O’Connor and Elvis
Presley. The recipient of 5 Ivor Novellos Award, 13 ASCAP and BMI
awards from the USA.

September 01, 2018 02:01 PM PDT

Vince the Prince runs the Sunday Cool Music Club from #coolfm downtown #Benidorm on the #costablanca in Spain. In the first part of the show Vince looks at the personalities and the stories behind the hits of this day down the years. Join the podcast and learn about the hits down the years.The rest of the show includes a featured chart of the American hits and special guests.....it can be found on Vince's website at www.vincetracy.com

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