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Vince Tracy's Podcasts
He's like a friend dropping in
Category: Spoken Word
Location: Benidorm
Chat show host in sunny Spain with a range of different podcasts. Visit the website at http://www.vincetracy.com
Passionate about radio and music. I just love to find out about the guys who wrote the songs and the guys who made the songs. I...

by vince tracy
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January 16, 2019 12:44 PM PST

As the British House of Commons prepared to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal the Spanish government has launched an information website listing the various issues that citizens and businesses will face after the
United Kingdom leaves the European Union....

Air travel
In the air travel section, one of the questions involves flying to Britain with a Spanish airline “that could lose its license, according to media reports.” This is an indirect reference to former Spanish flag carrier Iberia, which is fighting to prove to EU authorities that it is Spanish – it, along with British Airways, is owned by holding group IAG – in order to preserve its flying rights on the continent after Brexit.

The southern Spanish region of Andalusia is getting ready for a political change that will be “calm” and “conciliatory,” according to Juan Manuel Moreno, the Popular Party (PP) politician who is set to become the new regional premier.

BAILED-out toll motorways are now free to use from midnight until 6am, and from 6.01am drivers will benefit from a 30 per cent reduction in fees. Spain’s previous government began the process of ‘buying back’ motorways run by ailing toll companies, and the new socialist cabinet, which came into power in June, has
continued to see the plan through.

A train was derailed on the Madrid-Zafra line 500 metres from the Torrijos station in
Toledo Monday.

THE first flight to land this morning at the latest Spanish airport, Murcia International
Airport, was a Ryanair flight from East Midlands.Twenty-five minutes ahead of schedule, the FR1824 Ryanair flight.

Theresa May's Brexit deal was dramatically crushed by MPs as she suffered the biggest Commons defeat in history. The PM's grip on power was left hanging by a
thread after Tory rebels joined forces with Labour to trounce the plan by 432 votes to 202.

............ When Britain stood alone urged people to grow their own food — a campaign called Dig For Victory......The Dig For Victory drive was a triumph of British resilience, ingenuity and self-sufficiency in the face of great adversity.

January 16, 2019 10:43 AM PST

There is a move afoot to cease sending people to prison for sentences less than 6
months.....naturally this has been received with mixed opinions......but unless you have been
closely involved with the prison system....having either been inside or knowing someone who
has it is impossible to know what it's like.....it's very easy to say "they deserve it" but everyone
is different......whereas one criminal may be non-violent another may be the opposite....and you
can't legislate for the latter as they are probably incurable.

2.I watched a programme on Les Dawson's life.....it simply showed what a comedy genius he
was....and there was another programme on Bob Monkhouse....again a very clever man.....it's
such a shame that stand up comedy has lost its way.....however it hasn't completely vanished
as we still have the likes of "Would I Lie to you" and "Room 101" with the likes of Frank
Skinner....Lee Mac and Rob Brydon who are very funny so there is still hope......and speaking
of comedy someone put a picture of Prince Edward sitting with his wife in a horse drawn
carriage with a long line of medals on his chest.....it was suggested he must have had an
exciting time in very short time he was in the Marines.......surely this could be construed as
impersonating a soldier?....still I suppose his mum loves him.

3.Forget the problems throughout the world.....the news headlines have been taken over by
Andy Murray's sore hip.....he was interviewed and broke down in tears.....it could be the end of
his career!!!!....what will he do??....apart from joining the overpaid TV pundit fraternity...and
perhaps opening a tennis school...not to mention making TV adverts...and putting his name to
tennis gear....what will he do?....oh I feel so sorry for the poor chap............................and on the
subject of TV there is a new programme called "The Greatest Dancer" which is another past it's
sell by date format.....the programme is bad enough with the talentless Cheryl Cole on the
judging panel but on come these hopefuls who want to become dancing stars with the camera
shot constantly flitting between them and the judges and the audience....so the viewer misses
most of the moves.....the producer should go back to taking holiday snaps.....same old tripe.

4.As I said last week we are a nation of moaners and complainers yet most people don't know
what REAL problems are.....I support an organisation called The Cheshire Cats which is based
in Wallasey in Wirral and we raise money for sick and underprivileged kids through our weekly
jam sessions.........a collection of vintage rockers from the 60s play rock and roll classics to an
enthusiastic loyal crowd and all the money raised goes to various charities.....we have recently
given £3000 to a children's hospice called Claire House on Wirral which will make a difference
to youngsters lives.......it is one of many donations we have made to them over the
years.....when you visit the likes of these places with the wonderful staff you realise the THESE
are REAL problems......maybe the moaners should pop in some time....they might learn

5.The song this week is one which has been very kind to me.....it is called "Googi The Liverpool
Duck" .... it was written for a friend of mine called Penny Page.....who had a ventriloquist act
with a very colourful duck.....back in he day my band was sharing a gig with her...she was then
known as "Peppy and The Popettes".....Googi being one of the Popettes....and I told her that
the duck was the star of her show and I'll knock a song together for her and Googi.........I did
this (in a very short time) and gave it to her... four years later she presented me with the record
she had made of the song.....she performed it on The Palladium and it was featured in a film
called "Priest" sung by a church choir......all from a chance meeting at a gig.

January 09, 2019 12:33 PM PST

Terry Whitehead joins Neil and Vince for this edition of our weekly podcast.Madrid is currently drawing up contingency plans for its relationship with Britain.
Citizens. Spain counts on the largest community of British residents in the EU
around 300,000, and a high number of Spaniards living in the UK (116,000).

Aviation. Air traffic is a much more complex issue. Beyond the general uncertainty
related to a key area for tourism, Spain is faced with the specific problem of Iberia – the former flag carrier is part of the British group IAG, which also includes British

Trade. The government already has an estimate as to how much it will have to increase its customs resources should there be a hard Brexit. ...............

In this area, Spain considers the work already done by the EC to have significantly reduced the adverse effects for the Spanish fishermen who are operating in the
United Kingdom (there are around 80 boats who fish in British waters).

The issue related to Brexit that has consumed the most diplomatic efforts is the one that the government considers to be the best covered. The Spanish government believes that, even if the general Withdrawal Agreement were to be rejected – the
document contains a specific protocol on Gibraltar – the bilateral arrangements that
Madrid and London have signed up to relating to the British Overseas Territory would remain in force..............

SPAIN’S Maritime Rescue Service has reportedly saved 549 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this weekend. ......... The European Union’s border agency
revealed on Friday that 57,000 illegal immigrants reached Spain last year, double the figure for 2017.

Citizens of Morocco accounted for 19% of the 28,572 undocumented migrant arrivals in 2017, while Algerians represented 17%, according to Interior Ministry

FOUR men have been arrested on suspicion of videotaping the assault of a young women who was allegedly drugged and raped on New Year’s Eve........
....... The Guardia Civil suspects there may have been ‘similar aggressions on at least two other occasions and with different girls’, and believe ‘more cases will arise’ in the course of the investigation........The Town Council of Callosa d’En Sarria,
where the alleged offence took place, has expressed its ‘strongest condemnation
and rejection of the alleged collective sexual aggression suffered by a 19-year-old
girl in the town’....

FOUR people were injured and two-hundred evacuated from the Poseidon Playa Hotel in Benidorm, after a 17th floor fire took place on Saturday 5.The incident
occurred at approximately 14:30pm after, for unknown reasons, a fire started in of the busiest hotels in Alicante’s Benidorm (Spain).

In the UK ...Shocking new footage reveals how far-right protesters screamed abuse in the face of Anna Soubry as MPs urged the police to take action. A selfie video
recorded by activist James Goddard shows the group of men crowding around Ms Soubry and blocking her path as she walks alone to the Commons.

Did anyone see any protests against the gay tea-time kiss enjoyed by a minister of
the cloth in Coronation St?

Jeremy Clarkson has launched a bitter tirade against the BBC, claiming it’s now so
politically correct men don’t stand a chance of getting top jobs.

A Reddit user has shared the extraordinary response he received from a woman he took out after he refused to pay for her dinner despite her lobster and wine costing six times more than his.

January 09, 2019 10:49 AM PST

It strikes me that we have become a nation of moaners....especially the older generation....you
go on Facebook and there they are with the grumbles and outrage about politicians and the
way the country is run.....yet no-one does anything about it.....the easiest thing in the world is to
criticise .....if you can do better get off you backside and get on with it.....and we seem to be stuck in the past....we keep harping back to the good old days with endless programmes on
The Beatles etc....with old guys forming bands and going out with their shades and cowboy hats....and playing for nothing....very strange....coupled with this we have the P.C.
brigade...the feminists...and the easily offended telling us what we can and can't say or do...there's only a handful of them so why not just sweep them aside and ignore them?....I certainly do.

I watched The Greatest Showman over Xmas....a great film which I thoroughly enjoyed....great
songs....also unfortunately Mary Poppins was on.....now I have always been told I look like Dick
Van Dyke (can't see it myself) so my son tells my grandson while they are watching it "There's
Granddad"....after which I was bombarded with questions from him about Mary Poppins....which
I have never seen.......to make matters worse the next day Chitty Bang Bang was on.....which I
have never seen...so I faced a lot more difficult questions about that one....my son found it all
hilarious.....the nipper will go back to school and tell all the kids his Granddad is a film
star..........why did I have to be Dick Van Dyke?....why couldn't I have been The Fonz?

I also watched Michael Macintyre who I quite like but his show is becoming very samey....and
he had a comic on who sounded like he'd had a comedy by-pass....do people not know what "funny" is these days?.....the P.C. brigade have seen off the ones who could actually make us laugh.....and I noticed Lee Evans was on one of the channels so I had a look to see if he had improved in any way.....'fraid not.....he was dreadful...and after 5 minutes I couldn't take any more.....yet he was playing to a full stadium which says it all......it's a shame that the younger
generation don't know what comedy is as they have never seen any.

I watched The Voice the other night and they featured Lonnie Donegan's son (I notice you
put this up on Facebook)...he was good but are we expected to believe that Tom Jones didn't
know him?.....and the job they made of the song Lonnie wrote for Tom....rehearsed or what......"it was meant to be"........Lonnie would now be 87 so he must have had the lad late......we owe a lot to Lonnie who started us all off with skiffle in the late 50s....it gave us the ability to play simple stuff.....eg Tom Dooley only had two chords...........but the problem with talent shows is they are too contrived for my liking.....we have grannie and the family in the wings ...why?....and they go on and get "judged"......they should put acts on who are good enough and give them TV exposure and let them take it from there...."judging" shouldn't come into it....then they would learn the game.

The song this week is called "Worrizit?" and is a jingle I wrote back in the day for Debbie
Jones on Radio Merseyside......it was a daily competition on her radio programme where the
listener would hear a noise and ring in and try and guess what the noise was....it was quite
popular at the time.....I have just found this in a drawer in my studio....I haven't heard it for
years....sadly it never made the top 20...can't imagine why.....

January 02, 2019 12:41 PM PST

Spanish politicians from all sides of the political spectrum have reacted to King Felipe VI’s Christmas message, which was broadcast on December 24 and was
dedicated in large part to the challenges facing the country’s young people. “You have talent, you believe in peace, you are open to the world because you are, and
you feel, European, you are humanitarian, you are committed to social causes, to the fight against climate change and the defense of the environment,” the monarch said in his address.

AROUND 300 staff at one of Spain’s biggest airports have staged a month-long walk-out – because it’s too cold to work. Employees with the company Eulen, based at
Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas airport, claim they are not being provided with warm enough clothing during ‘extreme weather’ and won’t return to work until January 21.

The time period during which sex offenders can be brought to justice will start to run
from the moment the victim reaches the age of 30, and not 18 as the law in Spain currently dictates. That’s according to one of the proposals that the Spanish Cabinet
approved last week in the draft bill of the Integral Protection of Childhood and
Adolescence against Violence Law. …..............................................

A FAKE priest who was never ordained has been dismissed from the Catholic Church in Spain after 18 years carrying out weddings and taking confessions. Miguel Angel Ibarra was reportedly found to be an imposter after a complaint was
filed in his native country of Colombia, alleging that he had forged his documents. A
‘thorough investigation’ was carried out and it was found he had never been ordained.

Brexiteers have slammed Sadiq Khan's 'disgraceful' pro-European Union fireworks display that lit up London's New Year's Eve celebrations but the mayor has stood by his actions. Mr Khan defended his decision to light up the London Eye to resemble
the EU flag last night despite coming under heavy criticism. He tweeted: 'Our spectacular #LondonNYE fireworks showed that whatever the outcome of Brexit -
#LondonIsOpen - to business, talent, ideas & creativity - and why London really is the greatest city in the world.'

Apparently..... There is a migrant crisis on the South coast of England. Under international law, migrants allegedly fleeing oppression are supposed to seek
asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive. In one case, that means Serbia. None of them should have any right to settle in Britain.

British Transport Police officers are facing more than 12 attacks a week, it has emerged, just hours after one of them was stabbed at Manchester Victoria station.
There were 1,939 reported assaults against British Transport Police (BTP) officers in the three years to October 2018, resulting in more than 230 injuries, Freedom of
Information requests have shown. ….."Until the justice system fundamentally changes and criminals are actually punished and deterred there is zero point in increasing police numbers. There will just be more of them to attack. Criminals don't care because there's nothing to be worried about from a consequence perspective".

The first vegan fish finger is being launched in the high street as supermarkets tap into a radical shift in eating habits –away from meat, dairy and fish. It is claimed more young people will give up meat in January – as part of the Veganuary
campaign –

January 02, 2019 10:50 AM PST

.I was beginning to wonder what Bradley Walsh does in his spare time...then I realised he
doesn't have any....because he is NEVER off the television......last Saturday for example....3.30
The Chase with Bradley Walsh....8.oo The London Studios with contributions from various
celebs including....you guessed it...Bradley Walsh....9.00 Bradley Walsh presents a programme
on puppets......not forgetting Doctor Who and Law and Order and The Palladium....oh yes and
he has a feature coming where he travels abroad with his son.....not forgetting East
Enders..............it's not that I dislike the bloke........but it would be nice to have a different face
on the tele FOR A CHANGE......Kathryn Ryan is another....she is virtually on every quiz
panel....and I've yet to find out what she actually does....I think she is a comedienne......I'll take
her word for that.

2.Radio Merseyside (your favourite station) has not renewed Billy Butler's contract for the
coming year.....this has caused outrage on Facebook......Billy is now 76 and has been on the
station for 47 years and was told in no uncertain terms that he was out.....the public response
has been overwhelming....despite the fact he was only on two afternoons each
week.....apparently the powers that be are looking to attract a younger audience....obviously
not realising that youngsters don't listen to the radio nowadays.....I think one of the problems is
that the present hierarchy are from Manchester and don't get scouse humour....thus they
scrubbed Billy's "Hold Your Plums" feature which was popular all over the
world.....however....knowing Billy he will sort something out.....I think the BBC owes him a bit
more than a swift goodbye....but that's the way it goes in the entertainment business.

3.I was interested in a TV interview with The Searchers......or the two original ones....John
McNally and Frank Allen (the bass player that took over from Tony Jackson back in the day)
are retiring.....but it was obvious McNally wanted to carry on (...as "The Searcher"?)......Frank
said he had had enough of road repairs and diversion signs which added hours on to the
travelling......or could it be he couldn't face one more rendition of Needles and Pinsa........I can
see his point.....I packed in playing professionally a bout five years ago because I was sick of it
after 50 odd years....some carry on for the ego trip....hence the shades and cowboy hats etc.
which is fine but not for me....I keep my hand in by jamming once a week for our fundraising
organisation (The Cheshire Cats) which I enjoy but have no desire to go back on the
road......it's a young world out there....let 'em get on with it.

4.HMV are going under apparently.......when will the high street realise that you have to move
with the times.....I've said it for years...the music biz has had it....the glory days and the
champagne breakfasts are over.....it's all about the internet these days and PRICE.....the
general public are not interested in loyalty they want things as cheap as they can get
them.....hence they buy on line from Amazon etc.......CDs and DVDs are a thing of the
past.....and with modern technology you can make a record in your bedroom and put it on
YouTube where it goes world wide....so who needs Abbey Road or the radio play?....and it's
difficult getting publicity on television.....unless they can fit you in around Bradley Walsh.

5.The song this week is a little tribute to Billy Butler.....I was asked to write this for him and Wally
Scott back in the day.....it was designed as a theme tune for his popular programme "Hold Your
Plums" which was a quiz game featuring a one arm bandit...hence the rather double entendre
title......I don't think the beeb used it....obviously not P.C......can't imagine why.....when I hear it
now I suppose some folk might be "easily offended"....as if I could care less....it's a shame
George Formby isn't still around....he would have taken it to the top of the charts.

December 19, 2018 12:32 PM PST

ONLY 1,489 of the 10,816 Moroccans who arrived in Spain irregularly this year were afterwards expelled from the country. Despite the government’s efforts to rope in
Morocco’s assistance regarding the migration issue, this is the lowest figure in the last four years.

The Spanish government is this week taking to Congress a new strategy for Africa that focuses on investment, peace missions, a greater business presence, and what it terms “orderly mobility” between the continent and Spain.Following a five-year
hiatus on the issue, Spain is finalizing a new comprehensive plan for Africa, said
sources at the Foreign Ministry. According to these sources, the Socialist Party (PSOE) government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez wants to create a more
productive relationship that looks beyond the issue of irregular immigration to address political stability, peace and security, economic growth, and sustainable
development on the continent. The document does not use the word immigration, alluding instead to “orderly mobility.”

There are notable differences between bilingual education in each of Spain’s regions, especially when it comes to the English skills required of teachers. In Asturias, where more students study in English than any other region (52.3% in
elementary school and 33.7% in high school), teachers only need to have an intermediate level (B2).

In the UK Ministers finally activated all no-deal Brexit plans today as Theresa May
warned they could not delay any longer. With just 101 days to go until the UK crashes out and Parliament deadlocked, Cabinet signed off billions of pounds more
spending on preparations. The scale of the effort was underlined today as it emerged there are 320 projects - including the booking of space on ferries to
ensure critical medical supplies can still get into the country. There are also 3,500 troops on stand-by to intervene anywhere they are needed. The public will also be urged to prepare themselves and their families, with detailed information on contingency plans set to be published over the coming weeks - including through the Christmas holidays. Amid claims the public might be alarmed by the dramatic preparations, Mrs May's spokesman insisted: 'These are the actions of a sensible
Government to ensure people are prepared.'

In Monday's double bill of Coronation St., fans saw Kate reach breaking point in her
quest to have a baby, breaking down in tears as she told Rana she wanted a child to fill the space in her life that had been left by her brother Aidan's suicide earlier this year..........

A new sign outside the Crown & Anchor, in Brixton, South London, reads: 'We will only be accepting card payments. Apologies, but it is the digital age.'The pub made the decision to go cashless in October this year, to deter burglars after several break-

December 19, 2018 10:36 AM PST

Meghan Markle's dad is very upset because she isn't talking to him....and doesn't answer his
texts etc...so Piers Morgan is straight in with an interview with him.......I'm still trying to
puzzle out what it has to do with anyone else other than Meg?....Joan Collins was on the same programme and said Meghan's dad has been in showbiz long enough to know better....and
good old Joanie scoffs at feminism....that's why I love her.

There was a comedian on morning TV who has been criticised for refusing to sign a contract
which laid out what he could not say in his act to prevent anyone being offended.....the
document was hilarious....it covered EVERYTHING from racism and sexism to ageism and physical heightism.........because they a killing comedy stone dead...so some people are offended ...SO WHAT?....go somewhere else .....

I don't like Christmas..I never have..(bah humbug)...mainly because it magnifies
everything...especially certain past sad moments like bereavements and loneliness... etc....and I
always think the ridiculous amount of money spent in the shops could be put to better use in a
lot of cases....we still have homeless people living on the street while the royals and the
overpaid politicians are swanning around with their obscene riches............and I notice Tony Blair has come from under his stone saying we should have
another vote on Brexit.....might effect your fortune eh Tone?

On a lighter note...Katherine Jenkins was on TV promoting her latest album.....and at the risk of upsetting the feminists...she is a stunner....easy on the eye or what?............as far as I was concerned Katherine Jenkins is the best view in Britain......it was letter of the week for which I got 15 quid....

This week's song is yet another Christmas classic and is taken from a musical I wrote for a local
radio station which we discussed last week......it features one of the characters telling us what
he got for Christmas....it is called "In Me Christmas Stockin'"

December 12, 2018 12:27 PM PST

TRAIN union CC.OO. has announced two additional strikes for December 21 and January 7. There was an existing train strike planned for this Friday 14, which at present is still set to go ahead.

TERRORIST group Daesh have issued a video threatening future terror attacks on Spain, allegedly citing a return to Barcelona following last year’s attack in La Rambla.
The video message, picked up by cyber-analysts, reportedly claims the “cells are ready and the objectives are designed”.

THE Guardia Civil has detained 23 robbers in Spain. The arrest took place in Ciudad Real, Toledo, Cuenca, Badajoz and Zaragoza in homes inhabited by elderly
people. In a Guardia Civil report, police claim that 23 individuals have been arrested
and six more are being investigated.

A REAL estate report predicts the ‘housing market boom’ will slow down from 2021.Prepared by the Institut de Tecnologia de la Construccio de Catalunya (ITEC), the document suggests ‘housing promotion’ will have grown by 11 per cent by the end of
this year.....

SINCE 2015, the number of requests from Britons to apply for Spanish citizenship has tripled. The Spanish media claim this increase is due to the uncertainty of Brexit.Spain’s General Department for Registries and Notaries reported that 166 Britons
requested Spanish citizenship so far this year. Although the number is not as high as Morocco (10,067) and Venezuela (2,001)........

A MOTHER claims she dumped her new born daughter in a rubbish bin after becoming ‘overwhelmed and distressed’ at having given birth alone on the floor of
an apartment in San Sebastian.

The Brexit mess knows no bounds as Theresa May deludes herself into thinking her Brexit deal will be carried by Parliament. However, there is a bigger picture and the
signal from Mrs May that she is ready to step down once Brexit is delivered came after she vowed to fight with 'everything I've got' to beat the Eurosceptic coup bid.
The contest is being held after hardliners secured the 48 letters from Conservative MPs needed to force a ballot that could bring her time as leader to a shambolic end.

Colin Wing, 60, was caught on camera screaming insults at the Manchester City player in a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Mr Wing, from
Beckenham, south-east London, says that he has lost his job, and his season ticket at Chelsea ....

Concern is growing for the safety of homeless people across Britain following a number of unprovoked attacks - including being robbed, urinated on, ambushed and
hosed with water.

December 12, 2018 10:53 AM PST

.Male voice choirs are now under fire by....guess who....the feminist brigade....at some
university or other their male voice choir has been heavily criticised for not allowing women to sing in it....er....I think the clue is in the title?.....why have we got to put up with this constant nonsense?...and why do those involved get so much publicity?....we have female police chiefs....a female prime minister....female fire chiefs etc etc....

It's now time for the Christmas plays in the schools which sadly will be forgotten in no
time....as those magical moments watching your youngster on stage cannot be captured on
video......because .001% of parents worry about pictures of their little pride and joy being
misused on the internet.....so everyone else has to .........I even got one of the scenes on You've Been Framed and shared the
money with the kids and their parents who were happy as Larry....then along comes the
P.C.Brigade who pandered to odd parent who wanted their kid's face pixillated out and various
other requirements......which is typical these days.

I watched the programme on Cliff Richard's 60 years in showbiz....I was expecting to see his
music through the years from his beginnings with The Shadows to the present day....which aint
what we got.........I must say the guy is a survivor....the problem is it's the BBC who are involved in the case so WE will end up paying their fines.......and as usual Cliff is bringing out an album for Christmas...surprise surprise......good luck to him.

I also watched another programme about the farmer who shot and killed a burglar in 1999
and went to jail for manslaughter............I expected there to be a discussion regarding
what RIGHTS a burglar actually has..........I find it very easy NOT burgling houses.....the legal system in this country possibly
fails to see the big picture......what needs to be taken into account is the suffering and anxiety this sort of thing causes to innocent people.

On a lighter note...the song this week is entitled "If Every Day Was Christmas Day" and it was
originally written for a lady called Penny Page who had a ventriloquists dummy called
Googi....which was a Scouse duck.........it was also
the title song of a musical I wrote for a local radio station which will remain nameless..........despite being broadcast as being written by two of the radio .......myself getting the credit for the music only.....the play which was broadcast on Christmas day was nominated for a Sony award..........

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